Sylvia Pasquel uncovered where she thinks Silvia Pinal would have been infected with COVID-19

December 24, 2021

Sylvia revealed how her mother is (Photo: Instagram / @ sylviapasqueloficial)

Silvia Pinal was admitted on the afternoon of this Wednesday, December 22, to the Médica Sur hospital in Mexico City after presenting hypotension and a cardiac arrhythmia. The health of “The diva of Mexico” It worries the public, because in addition to her ailments, it was in the hospital center where she was subjected to a COVID-19 test, in which it was positive.

“Yesterday his heart rate dropped, his blood pressure went up. They gave him medicine to get it down, then he reacted very abruptly. A doctor came who always sees her and gave her a serum. There we decided to take her in an ambulance to Médica Sur. We have to wait for the studies and they are putting a catheter right now. Have COVID”, Said the morning of this Thursday 23 the daughter of the emblematic actress, Alejandra Guzman, for the morning Come the joy.

“When we arrived, my mother was in intensive care and they transferred her to a room. We went up to see her, she was very spirited, as always making her jokes. There the doctor came to tell us that the COVID-19 test had been positive, so they had to move it to a restricted area ”, commented Sylvia Pasquel for the program Today.

In recent days Alejandra, Luis Enrique Guzmán and Sylvia Pasquel showed affection with their mother: “We were kissing and hugging her,” so they have undergone the COVID-19 test, which has been negative, according to the report in recent hours.

“The doctor said that it came at the perfect time because the disease is just manifesting itself. She has her vaccines, we see her that she is very strong, that she is very well. The doctor considers that he will only go through the disease without any risk ”, added Pasquel in the broadcast.

Regarding where the contagion caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus would have arisen, it was Alejandra Guzmán who commented on the program Today that the weekend Pinal was living together in a meeting in Morelos.

“Híjole, is that you know what? He went to Cuernavaca… my mother is very sociable ”. The rocker gave the same information to Adela Micha. However, in more recent statements by Sylvia Pasquel for the reporter Enrique de la Rosa, taken up by Chisme no like!, The famous 91-year-old actress could have been infected on Friday, December 17, in her own home.

(Photo: Instagram/sylviapasqueloficial)

And it is that that day a participation of Pinal was recorded for a promotional program for the next tour of Alejandra Guzmán with Paulina Rubio: the production team entered the house of the diva, and two days later it emerged that one of the members of the staff tested positive for COVID-19.

“My mother must have been infected on Friday, that day Alejandra sent a team to film her, so one of the people who came there, a few days later, (apparently on Sunday), told Ifigenia that she had COVID ”, Was what the first actress revealed, mother of Stephanie Salas.

Pasquel mentioned again that the actress from Viridiana Y Old model does not present symptoms of coronavirus infectionWhat they are constantly checking are the urinary tract.

“Right now what they are doing is monitoring her urinary tract, since she has had this problem, monitoring some things, her lung is very well, they did a CT scan and she does not present any inflammation”

In addition, Sylvia Pasquel commented that on Wednesday 22, upon entering the hospital, a rapid test was performed on doña Silvia, giving a result negative, however, when performing the PCR this Thursday, This tested positive in COVID-19However, the lead actress does not present major discomforts and is stable.