The ANMAT prohibited the sale of some top brand cookies: what they found inside

December 24, 2021

ANMAT banned a first-brand cookie

The National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Technology prohibited this Friday through its publication in the Official Gazette, some top brand cookies for presenting a thread inside.

The Provision 9250/2021 establishes the prohibition of the elaboration, fractionation and commercialization of the product: “Multicereal Marineras Cookies”, brand: Los Dos Chinos, RNPA 21-116581, Prepared by Alimenticia Sauce Viejo, Parque Industrial Sauce Viejo, Lot 182, Sauce Viejo, Santa Fe – RNE 21-112970, for lacking health records when registering deregistered records, turning out to be falsely labeled and consequently illegal.

In addition, prohibits the elaboration, fractionation and sale throughout the national territory of all the products that consign the RNE 21-112970 on their label, With an elaboration date after 08/06/20, as it is a deregistered registration.

In its recital, the standard explains that The actions began since the Santa Fe Food Safety Agency (ASSAl) reports the actions carried out in the framework of the investigation of a complaint in relation to the commercialization of the product that would not comply with current regulations, for presenting a strange element, compatible with a thread inside.

In addition, the ASSAl reported that RNE 21-112970 had been disconnected from its electronic system since 8/6/20, which therefore, as of 8/7/20, said RNE was not authorized to produce any product and also reported that all its RNPAs, including RNPA 21-116581, had been terminated.

In addition, the ASSAl indicated that the address operated RNE No. 21-115007, producer of farinaceous products, which on 3/29/21 had requested the reuse of the reels with the brand name “Los dos chino” and that said The request was rejected by the ASSAl due to non-existent records.

The headquarters of the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (Gustavo Gavotti)
The headquarters of the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (Gustavo Gavotti)

In this sense, he stated that RNE 21-115007 It did not have registered the food product with the sales denomination “Galletas Marineras Multicereal, Brand: Los Dos Chinos.

As a consequence of everything, the ASSAl prohibited the elaboration, possession, fractionation, transport, commercialization and exhibition and in its case confiscation and denaturing of the product; He also communicated what happened to the heads of the ASSAl Regionals and Auditors and to the Food areas of the Municipalities and Communes of the Province of Santa Fe.

It was determined that The product is in violation due to the lack of health records when registering deregistered records, proving to be a falsely labeled product and consequently illegal and that because it is a product that cannot be reliably and clearly identified as produced, elaborated and / or divided in a specific establishment, it cannot be elaborated in any part of the country, neither marketed nor sold in the territory of the Republic. .

Finally, it points out that in order to protect the health of citizens against the consumption of illegal products, the INAL Food Regulation Rectory Department recommends prohibiting the production, fractionation and commercialization of said food throughout the national territory.

In relation to a similar food, on November 18, Provision 8563/2021 set the ban on the sale of the product “Sweet cookies with honey”, brand “La Española”, RNPA Nº 13044532, RNE N ° 13004748, prepared until 9/9/2021, by not include the warning phrase “may contain milk” on the product label.

In the recital, it indicates that the actions originate from the fact that the Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene of the province of Mendoza, within the framework of the investigation of a complaint, reported the actions carried out in relation to the product since Its consumption would have caused an allergic reaction to milk protein in two minors.


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