While OV7 gives gruesome details of its series, Ari Borovoy is writing a book

December 24, 2021

(Photo: Instagram / @ mulatamarichal)

Many have said of the distance between the members of OV7, and although there is still nothing clear about the return to the stage of the pop band, what seems to be a fact is the realization of his bioseries. It was Érika Zaba and Mariana Ochoa who made known in what process the announced project is going:

“I don’t think we’ll get there (the recent troubles within the group), in the first season it will begin just when the auditions begin for The Vaseline Wave, I do not think that in this first season obviously we will reach the present, so I think that we will leave it in a trunk for the moment, “said the singer in a meeting with the press, where she revealed what aspects the serial will cover:

“That sounds good, the messiness, the love affairs, everything will be known in this series, unfortunately right now we are a little on hiatus, these interviews that we are doing with the writers of the series, some have already done them, others have not, but that is what we are doing. “Added the host, who does not yet know which actress could embody her.

Érika Zaba and OV7 (Photo: Instagram @ erikazaba / @ oficialov7)
Érika Zaba and OV7 (Photo: Instagram @ erikazaba / @ oficialov7)

I have not thought about who could interpret me, I don’t know, maybe it has to be güerita, short, and there are not many little ones … and a mop, that was missing. I don’t know like who As soon as they give me the alternatives, I will tell them who were in the list to represent me. I was a good girlfriend, but outside the group, I had several, in the group I never had a boyfriend. I’ll tell about it in the series “, he advanced.

For her part, Mariana Ochoa highlighted at the same event that the plot of the series has been ready for a long time and there is almost a green light to start the auditions to find the actors and actresses who will play the members of OV7.

The bible, what they call it, the story as such, was delivered months ago each chapter. I think they are going to start doing castings Soon, there is so much to tell that they are going to divide it into three seasons, I say, I hope the first one works for the other two to be done, one can never take things for granted, the truth is that there is so much to tell: good things, bad, beautiful things, learnings, terrible things that no one else wants to ever happen again and I think it is a very beautiful story also seen from seven such different worlds, “said the also actress.

He anticipated that the unfortunate events that have marked the history of the group will be known: “Something that we are planning is to participate with a cameo, these small appearances, not playing our role, would be great. If the truth is not told what a joke it is. There were very difficult moments, of a lot of suffering, for example When Érika lost her parents in the accident, we were very young, and how everyone received that news Until what happened to us when OV7 separated and why in 2010 we returned, but Kalimba couldn’t, and M’Balia a year later told us ‘no, I always don’t want to’, and we ended up being OV5 ″, he highlighted.

Mariana Ochoa (Photo: Instagram @ soymarianaochoa)
Mariana Ochoa (Photo: Instagram @ soymarianaochoa)

For his part, in another event, Ari Borovoy was interviewed, who has already declared that he does not know anything about the group’s bioseries. The director of Bobo Producciones assured that he will reflect his experiences inside and outside the group in a book to be published:

“I started it right in the middle of the pandemic, it has been a very beautiful story that I have had to live, I am happy, enthusiastic, I lived it as I had to live it, I got down as it had to happen, I returned to tobacco with everything, I have year and a half without forming even half a cigarette.

It will contain what I have lived, I am starting to write myself and eventually a professional will come to put all the ideas in order, I write it mainly so that things are not seen to be forgotten to me because I do keep a lot of information, “he said.

(Photo: Instagram)
(Photo: Instagram)

On this subject, Kalimba was interviewed and said he was confident that Borovoy will write “as it should”:

“It doesn’t bother me, I trust my teammates a lot, I know that what they have to say they will say with the love that we know each other, from the panties to the hairs on the head and I will trust everyone with love and if I am sure someone will play the issues as they should, “he concluded.