Callao: these are the fines that will be imposed from TODAY, January 13 for not respecting new speed limits

January 13, 2022

Through a Supreme Decree, it was known that As of January 13, a new speed limit was established for vehicles that travel through the highways of the Constitutional Province of Callao.

Given this, it is important to know that if you do not comply with the provisions of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, a fine will be charged for non-compliance with the traffic regulations.


Given this, the Provincial Municipality of Callao He recalled that drivers who exceed the limit by up to an additional 10 km / h will incur the M20 offense, which will be sanctioned with a fine equivalent to 18% of the UIT and with 50 points.

In case the excess speed is an additional 30 km / h, the infraction will be M20 and the fine will be the equivalent of 50% of a FROM and with 70 points in the driver’s record.

Finally, it is important to recognize that failure to respect the speed limit is punishable by a fine of 18% of a FROM and with 50 points in the driver’s record.

It should be noted that this new rule aims to reduce traffic accidents, since it has been proven that on many occasions, speeding is the main cause of death for pedestrians and various crashes on the main highways of the country.

For its part, the Deputy Office for Public Services of the Ombudsman’s Office, Gloria Montoya, revealed during an interview with Exitosa radio that in our country, 3 thousand people lose their lives due to traffic accidents.

Around 3,000 deaths from traffic accidents every year. This scourge, of accidents, costs Peru a little more than 2 percent of GDP every year. It is a problem that must be addressed by the State and should not be left as an anecdotehe said in conversation to Successful.

“Speed ​​is the leading cause of accidents, it causes around 30 percent of accidents in the country. There is a higher mortality on the road, despite the fact that 4 percent of traffic accidents occur, it causes 27 percent of deaths “added.

Given this metric, the specialist assured that it is important that passersby and drivers become aware that it is necessary to respect traffic signs in order to end unfortunate accidents. For this reason, he asked the authorities for a strong hand against those who do not respect the orders and regulations established by the MTC.


The Supreme Decree informs that the maximum speed allowed on streets and shreds of Callao will be 30 km / h, leaving the 40 km / h limit that was in force until December last year without effect.

Likewise, the maximum speed is reduced from 60 to 50 km / h. speed allowed for the transit of vehicles in avenues of Callao.

Limit speed in Callao.
Limit speed in Callao.


This change is made due to the need to manage vehicular speed from a road safety approach, in order to reduce the accident rate on land roads, taking into account the greater probability of accidents with consequences of serious injuries and even death on the part of a vehicle driven at excessive speed.


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