Bond 210: When and how can the subsidy be collected?

January 19, 2022

| Photo: Andean Agency

About 2 million formal workers will receive the bonus of S / 210 soles established by the Government. This will be granted to public and private sector employees who earn less than S / 2000. Here we tell you all the details of the subsidy collection.

It is known that the deposit of money has already been made to public sector workers, between November and December, but the collection for those who work in private companies at the national level would be missing.


For the payment of workers private sector, It’s Health will take care of the distribution of the money. However, it has not yet determined from what date the disbursement will be made.

“The padrón has already been approved from the Labor portfolio, so I ask for patience because the bonus is disbursed until March 31”, pointed out the head of the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion, Betssy Chavez, at a press conference.

The minister assured that the delay in payment is due to the fact that the necessary information on the beneficiaries has been collected through the Sunat electronic form.

The [pago del] S / 210 bonus is until March 31. Normally, there is an average lag of 2 months [en la entrega de bonos]. We understand that when we just get the DU we have to receive all the information, either through Sunat, through forms. So, at this time, we have already approved the register from the Work portfolio”, he assured.

This means that there is still no exact date on the delivery of this subsidy, but It can be estimated that private sector workers would receive this financial aid from the first fortnight of January, until March 31, 2022, as mentioned on the EsSalud website.

As stated in Emergency Decree No. 105-2021, EsSalud is the entity that must establish the payment channels coordinating with the Banco de la Nación and other companies in the financial system and companies that issue electronic money that make the payments.

For now, it has been anticipated that the payment will be made via deposit to an active bank account of the worker. The payment could also be managed through the DNI Account service of the Banco de la Nación

The payment dates communicated by the financial entities that make the payment of the extraordinary bonus will be published. here.

The government has enabled a portal for workers to verify if they are beneficiaries of the bonus.
The government has enabled a portal for workers to verify if they are beneficiaries of the bonus.


For all employees in the private sector, a platform to verify if they are beneficiaries of this subsidy:

To find out if you are a beneficiary of the bonus, you must enter the link and enter your ID number and the verification code. Then, you must click on “I am not a robot” and accept the privacy and personal data processing policy.

If you are a beneficiary, the portal will indicate the following: “You are entitled to the economic support of the extraordinary bonus of S/ 210. Soon we will inform you of the method and date of payment”.


The MTPE has already reported that not all workers will receive this financial support. Among the requirements is, as already mentioned, who do not receive a monthly remuneration greater than S/ 2,000.

For the private sector, it has also been established that employees must appear, duly with your DNI, in the electronic form during the months of July, August or September 2021. This means that they must have been working formally since one of those months.

In addition, they may not belong to the labor training modalities or be a pensioner.


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