Flavia Laos tattooed the word “Bite me (Bite me)” inside her mouth

January 19, 2022

Flavia Laos appears with a tattoo inside her mouth. (Photo: Instagram)

Flavia Laos He surprised his followers after getting a tattoo inside his mouth. According to the actress and singer, it is a tradition that she has with her sister Kiara, getting a tattoo together once a year.

The influencer indicated that although the slogan is only one, they always end up getting more tattoos on their bodies. On this occasion he chose to write the word “Bite me (Muérdeme)” Inside the mouth.

With great emotion, the young woman showed her followers of Instagram its recent occurrence. “As is the tradition between my sister and I, once a year we get tattooed together. Guess how many each one got?”, the actress wrote.

As could be seen, Flavia also tattooed her arm and back, the process of these tattoos was published on her social network.

Flavia Laos got tattooed with her sister Kiara. (Video: Instagram)

Many of his followers were surprised. While some said that her new tattoo suited her, others pointed out that she was very pretty for those details to be reflected on her body. However, they stressed that they support it. Like it or not to the majority, the actress was very excited about this decision, she even published in her Instagram stories how her tattoo is evolving, since it is in the healing process.

Flavia Laos got the word “Bite me (Bite me)” tattooed inside her mouth. (Video: Instagram)


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