The wave of insecurity multiplied sales of articles for the protection and security of homes

January 19, 2022

(Foto: Pixabay)

Thefts of people, homes and premises in the country are becoming more common every day. Unfortunately, there are no figures of hope, and on the contrary the percentages of robberies are increasing. The most recent survey of coexistence and citizen security carried out by DANE showed that 44% of Colombians feel insecure; this means that more than 16 million people they feel uneasy in the streets, homes and businesses.

A recent report on virtual stores showed that there was an increase in human traffic in home security items, as well as an increase in their sales.

Everyone wants a safe home, so hiring new smart devices that complement home security is always a good option. Thanks to new control and security technologies, homes can be safe and monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The following are the devices that are often frequented by buyers on the net:

Security cameras: The installation is normally linked to a recording system that saves the images for a certain time. Now there are advanced systems that allow the installation of wireless cameras that can be accessed from the mobile device to view live the record taken by the camera. In addition, all recorded video history is saved on the mobile device.

Infrared detectors: A small device that detects movements based on temperature that has improved its functionalities avoiding confusing small pets that enter and leave the house for intruders.

Automatable devices: It is possible to be able to control home devices from the outside with these devices, which allow you to turn on lights, program electronic devices and at the same time pretend that the house is inhabited when in fact it is not. Regulating the thermostat, controlling the home control panel or the plugs will be easy and simple from a mobile.

panic button: A simple keyboard from which to activate the different protocols such as a silent alarm, notification to emergencies or the police is essential. It is the command center from which to quickly contact the Alarm Center. That it is intuitive and easy to use by all household members is essential in case of an emergency.

These devices, in one way or another, protect but it should not be forgotten that in order to enjoy real and guaranteed security, the important thing is that all of them are managed by a professional team connected to the security forces.

The authorities also recommend self-care and take into account these tips when it comes to home care:

*Keep curtains and windows closed.

*Don’t leave valuables near windows.

*When you travel, leave a light or radio on, so it will give the feeling that there are people at home.

*If you are going out for several days, leave someone you trust in charge so that they can make periodic visits and check that everything is going well, but also so that thieves can see that your House she was not alone.

*Install cameras with sensors that detect movement. Many allow you to monitor the image remotely, by cell phone.

*Create a group of neighbors by WhatsApp to contact each other quickly. Together they can monitor from home and be warned of any suspicious movement. They could include cell phones of the police officers in your quadrant.


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