What is the neighborhood of Punta del Este with the most expensive rents throughout the year

January 19, 2022

Punta Ballena is the most expensive resort in Maldonado, with an average of 717 dollars per month (Getty Images)

The Punta Ballena neighborhood, which is located at the entrance to the city of Punta del Este, has the average rent per year more expensive in all of Maldonado, her department.

According to a report by the National Institute of Statistics, in the department 1,313 rentals of single-family homes were registered in the registry, with an average price of 15,368 Uruguayan pesos, equivalent to 357 dollars Americans and an average of 14,301 pesos, equivalent to 333 dollars.

According to that same study, the number of rentals that were registered in November 2021, was a 0.47% more than in October 2021 and 5.88% more than in November 2020.

Within the prices surveyed, it was concluded that Punta Ballena was where the most expensive apartment rents were paid in November 2021. On average, the cost of a monthly rental was 30,812 Uruguayan pesos, equivalent to 717 dollars. The upper average was 739 dollars, which in Uruguayan pesos is 31,765.

After Punta Ballena, comes the resort of Bella Vista, where monthly rental prices are 22,735 Uruguayan pesos or 529 dollars.. The third place was located in Punta del Este city, which would mean the center and the Brava and Mansa beaches. There, median rent was $490, or 21,064 pesos and, finally, the fourth place was obtained by the resort under the name of Playa Grande, where the rent averaged 17,310 Uruguayan pesos, equivalent to 403 dollars.

improvement in tourism

After several months with the borders closed to tourism, Uruguay has received foreigners again since November 2021. In that sense, the Uruguayan government estimated that in terms of numbers and flow of tourist public the measure left good results, especially on the east coast of the country.

Remo Monzeglio, the undersecretary of Tourism, evaluated the first fortnight of January and said that it was “very satisfactory”, because a month and a half ago “we did not dream of this reality”, as stated in dialogue with The Daily. The hierarch estimated that from the end of December, taking into account the dates of Christmas and New Year, until January 15, the occupation in Punta del Este and in the nearby resorts was above 90%.

From the end of December to January 15, occupancy in Punta del Este and nearby resorts was over 90% Photo: Punta Ballena (Getty Images)
From the end of December to January 15, occupancy in Punta del Este and nearby resorts was over 90% Photo: Punta Ballena (Getty Images)

However, in a context where the new omicron variant of covid-19 began a spike in infections in the country, and where the climatic situation generated floods in various parts of the city, the season for the second fortnight seems more complex.

Monzeglio stated that this situation caused cancellations of reservations in the entire hotel area. In any case, he was confident that internal tourism, mainly Montevideans, will occupy the vacancies in hotels and apartments that were vacated.

“There are cancellations due to covid and some due to the climatic aspect, but I get information that reservations are falling and they are immediately on sale, Montevideo quickly nourishes of tourists (to Maldonado) on weekends”, commented the undersecretary.

He also highlighted the Pfizer booster vaccine, to prevent covid-19, which is being supplied to foreigners as a great “incentive” for tourists to enter the country and stay on longer stays. “The vaccination is being carried out very smoothly, we are satisfied and happy. At no time were vaccines put at risk for Uruguayans,” he concluded.


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