Chiefs advance to the AFC final for the fourth year in a row; they eliminate bills

January 24, 2022

Att editor: Correct data of the title and the first paragraph. Kansas City reaches the conference finals for the fourth year. Greetings, gb Sports Writing, Jan 23 (EFE).- The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills 42-36 this Sunday in overtime and reached the final of the American Conference of the NFL for the fourth consecutive year in which They will face the Cincinnati Bengals. The Chiefs lost the 2019 one against the Patriots; then they won the AFC title in 2020 from the Titans and in 2021 from the Bills; now his rival will be the Bengals. The duel between the quarterbacks of the two best offenses in the NFL in this season’s playoffs; Buffalo number one, and Kansas City, two; did not disappoint. For the Chiefs Patrick Mahomes, 26 years old, fourth with the most yards in the league, 4,839; He went for 378 and three runs. With the Bills Josh Allen, 25 years old; eighth in yards on the year, 4,407; he accumulated 329 receiving yards, four TDs. Buffalo celebrated with its first drive that culminated in Devin Singletary’s rushing TD to take a seven-point lead. Kansas City responded from the hand of its passer, who resolved the arrival to the diagonals with a personal play; 7-7. In the second quarter the Chiefs again established a long 86-yard, 12-play drive that ended with receiver Byron Pringle celebrating in the end zone, who caught Mahomes’ pass to give the home side a 14-7 lead. If Mahomes’ work was outstanding in the first half, Josh Allen was not far behind when he connected his first touchdown pass with Gabriel Davis who equalized the duel at 14 points. Kansas City started the third quarter explosively. He converted a field goal to take the lead 17-14, and an offensive series later extended the lead 23-14 with a touchdown pass to Mecole Hardman. Buffalo responded with Josh Allen’s longest pass of the season, a 49-yarder to Gabriel Davis, who pulled them within 23-21. In the last quarter, a 45-yard kick return by Tyreek Hill placed the Chiefs inside the visitor’s 20-yard line, a field position that they took advantage of to score three points; 26-21. A key play in the game was the one presented to the Bills on fourth down and 17 to go, in which the owner of jersey number 17 found Gabriel Davis in the end zone to take control of the game 29-26 in favor from Buffalo. Mahomes returned to the field with less than two minutes left. He started his offense at the 25-yard line of his field, led his team to the touchdown with a pass to Tyreek Hill and returned the lead to the Chiefs 33-29. Josh Allen had 60 seconds on his last drive, enough to cross the field and send a TD pass to Gabriel Davis that turned the score 36-33 in favor of the Bills. With only 13 seconds left, Patrick Mahomes dragged the opposing defense from his 25-yard line to the opponent’s 30-yard line. From there his kicker Harrison Butker hit a 49-yard field goal that tied the game, 36-36, and sent him into overtime. In the first drive of the extra period, the home team’s Jersey 15 wearer connected with tight end Travis Kelce for a dramatic 42-36 win. Results of the NFL divisional round: Saturday 22.01: Bengals 19-16 Titans and 49ers 13-10 Packers. Sunday 01.23: Rams 30-27 Buccaneers and Chiefs 42-36 Bills. Conference Finals: Sunday 30.01: AFC; Bengals-Chiefs and NFC; 49ers-Rams.EFE as/gb/ics