Patrick Mahomes runs across field to shake hands with Josh Allen after Chiefs win (video)

January 24, 2022

After dueling back-and-forth to produce an instant classic of a playoff game, quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen had nothing but respect for one another after the final whistle sounded.

Mahomes and Allen put together a shootout that would make the Big 12 blush, leading their offenses for a combined 25 points over the final two minutes of regulation to set up a walk-off touchdown from the Chiefs in overtime. The result was pure chaos, with Mahomes ultimately emerging victorious to send Kansas City to the AFC title game for the fourth year in a row.

After the dust had settled, Mahomes made it a point to run across the field and find Allen for a post-game hug, in a touch of sportsmanship worthy of the pair’s epic battle.