The definitive list: which are the teams with the most official titles country by country, and where Boca and River appear on the map

January 24, 2022

Both Boca and River added titles during 2021 (Photo: Nicolás Stulberg)

One of the great discussions that is usually put on the table when talking about football is the number of titles that each team in the world has. This topic grows even more when River Plate Y Boca Juniors They fight to be the most winning institution in Argentina and the question that always comes up in Vigo is whether the amateur championships should be counted together with the professional ones. But nevertheless, a last fully updated table comes to seek to put an end to the eternal conflict.

According to statisticians from Historical revisionism, with the last Champions Trophy that closed the year 2021, River Plate obtained its 51st star in the Local Titles table (where League Tournaments and National Cups are counted), two more than Boca Juniors. In the part of local Cups, the Millionaire reached 14th, surpassed Racing Club (13) and was only 1 behind the leader who is the Xeneize (fifteen). In addition, those of Núñez continue three steps above those of The Riverside in terms of leagues (37-34).

Regarding the general table of Argentine soccer titles, in which League Titles, National Cups, International Cups and old Rio de la Plata Cups are added, all official and top category achievements, Boca Juniors is the absolute pointer with 71, followed by River Plate with 69, and very far from the other greats like Independent (45), Racing Club (37) and San Lorenzo (22).

Country by country the top title winners (Credit: Historical Revisionism)
Country by country the top title winners (Credit: Historical Revisionism)

The dominance of Boca and River in Argentine football is reflected in the fact that both clubs position themselves with more stars than all the teams in the Premier League, Inter and Milan in Serie A and even above the French teams. But those who really dominate the ranking are Nacional and Peñarol from Uruguay, being the only ones with triple digits in terms of tournaments won, followed by the two monsters from Spain: the FC Barcelona and the Real Madrid.

To close, the statisticians took the opportunity to clarify from their point of view what is needed to measure the magnitude of a club: “Titles alone do not imply greatness. Greatness also includes other factors such as people, loyalty, popular roots, tradition, history, the stadium, the outstanding players in the Argentine team, the classics, identity, belonging and innumerable non-measurable questions and even cultural singularities that today’s pragmatic analysts will never understand.


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