Tom Brady: This is what the legendary quarterback says about his future

January 24, 2022

After the painful defeat of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Los Angeles Rams, the question about the future of Tom Brady in American football has reappeared on the scene.

With a visible gesture of disappointment at staying on the brink of another Conference Final, Tom Brady spoke about his future.

“I haven’t given it much thought yet. I’m going to go day by day and see where we are,” said the 44-year-old quarterback.

Brady He has never ruled out playing beyond the age of 45 and he still has one more season on his contract with the ‘Bucs‘, a franchise he came to and led to the title last season.

However, hours before the divisional round against the Rams, the ESPN network reported that Brady will evaluate at the end of the season if he ends 22 successful campaigns in the American Football League (NFL), in which he achieved a record seven titles. of Super Bowls.

Brady denied that, during the game against the Rams, it crossed his mind that it could be the last of his career.

“No, I only think about winning,” stressed the Californian. “It’s my mentality, go out there and try to win, give my team the maximum chance of victory.”

“I’m not thinking about anything beyond the next five minutes,” he said.

One step away from epic

AFP/K. Cox

The Bucs came within a hair’s breadth of a miraculous comeback after trailing 27-3 with seven minutes remaining in the third quarter.

Brady commanded a spectacular comeback to put the tie at 27 with 42 seconds left, but the Rams they scored a field goal at the buzzer that qualified them for the NFC final.

“We got off to a slow start, which you certainly can’t do against a good football team like this,” Brady said. “We were way down and a lot of guys made a bunch of different plays to get us back in the game. But they made one more than us.”

“It’s always very hard to lose at the end of the year. Obviously, we fight a lot but in the end losing is losing,” Brady said resignedly. “In the end there is only one team that is going to be happy.”



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