Ancón: Restaurant owners concerned about possible bankruptcy of their businesses

January 25, 2022

The merchants of Ancón beach are about to declare bankruptcy, after being forced to close their food stalls by declaring the area highly contaminated after the oil spill originating in the Ventanilla Sea.

Very concerned about this situation, a group of merchants spoke with the radio station Exitosa and made a request to the authorities so that they take action on the matter soon and can solve this problem.

“The entire town of Ancón has been affected, because here everyone lives from fishing. From tricyclers, cooks, waiters, etc. Now watch how everything is, it’s desolate. Repsol ruined the entire ecosystem, there will be no fishing here for at least two years. I’m frustrated and hoarse from talking so much in meetings.” He commented to the medium in question.

They also explained that so far no authority has approached them to dialogue with them and together seek a solution. Let us remember that these are the summer months, where people went to eat more frequently at the restaurants in the area, since the bathers they came to Ancón to enjoy its beaches and after the marine dishes offered by the coastal sea.

After the oil spill, these beaches have been closed, since they are highly polluting, exposing the health of bathers.

A few days ago, the Regional Health Directorate sent a list of 21 beaches that are closed to bathers, after learning that 6,000 barrels of oil fell into the Ventanilla Sea and these hydrocarbons had spread to the Ancón beaches. , Huacho, Barranca and now Huaura.

In Window, the affected beaches are Bahía Blanca, Costa Azul and Cavero; in Santa Rosa are Playa Chica, Playa Grande 1, Playa Grande 2, Hondable and Los Corales and in Ancón the affected beaches are Eighteen Ancón, Hermosa, Las Conchitas, Miramar 1, Miramar 2, San Francisco Chico, San Francisco Grande, D’onofrio, Casino Náutico, Enanos, Esmar 1, Esmar 2 and Los Pocitos.

“The population in general is recommended, as a preventive measure and to safeguard their health, not to go to the aforementioned beaches because they are classified as ‘unhealthy’”, Diresa refers in its statement.

as is known, this morning President Pedro Castillo, accompanied by the Minister of the Environment, Rubén Ramírez, came to the affected areas in Ancón to supervise the cleaning works.

In the place, the minister was very emphatic in announcing the measures that will be taken to face this ecological disaster caused by the transnational company Repsol.

On the other hand, the president of Repsol Peru, Jaime Fernández-Cuesta, pointed out that the support of the families also affected is a priority of the company.

At the moment we are in the cleaning work and attend to the affected populations “, pointed out the representative of Repsol to the Sunday program “Save yourself who can”.

When asked if the number of those affected has been quantified, he said: “We’re on that. The fishing associations tell us about their needs, they explain to us what they need and we try to give them or we are giving them what they need, some in terms of food vouchers”.

For its part, Pedro Francke, Minister of Economy and Finance, pointed out that the possibility of delivering bonds to the affected families is a possibility that has been discussed with the head of the Mincetur, so this measure is not far from being a reality.

“I believe that the State must give a response to these families that have been reduced in their economic capacity and I believe that one possibility is to deliver some type of bonus”, added the head of the MEF during a press conference where he provided the points on which his sector is focused after the ecological disaster.


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