Attack in Xcaret: this is how the murder of Canadians was planned, which has already left two detainees

January 25, 2022

The two detainees are charged with homicide in Quintana Roo (Photo: FGE-QROO)

The murder of two Canadian tourists at hotel Xcaret from Quintana Roo It was planned weeks in advance by drug debt in an international plot and the alleged criminals were monitored daily while they were on vacation.

The state attorney’s office presumed that there are two detainees, among them, the member of a gang of assassins who was contracted to employ those who would carry out the work. In addition to a woman who traveled with the group of foreign tourists to the Mexican tourist paradise.

Oscar Montes de Oca, prosecutor of Quintana Roo, explained that Cristian R was entrusted to lead the crime operations, from the beginning of this 2022. He was member of an organized crime cell for those tasks and was hired at the Mexico City.

Guests at the hotel complex screamed in panic after the attack began as an argument. Video: @BalanHerrera / Twitter.

Already with the order recruited two subjects who would participate in the execution and the three traveled from the country’s capital to Quintana Roo on January 16 last. The gunmen knew of the arrival and location of their target.

They even planned the murder in Carmen beach, where to Robert James Dinh, Thomas Cherukara, Ceara Jessica Sahadee Yari and seven other people had planned their visit from January 15 to 22 for the Mayan Riviera. Although the end of the journey would be fatal.

The day after their arrival, the alleged criminals began monitoring at the resort, because they had provisional access through a pass. during your visit received information in real time by telephone about the activities of the alleged narco operators, who would be linked to a gang of Vietnam who traffics ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana in Canada like in U.S.

It is suspected that who provided this data within the group of tourists would have been Nhu “T”who traveled from Canada with vacationers. Both she and Cristian R were the first to fall into the hands of the authorities and are already Charged with aggravated homicide and attempted homicide, although his link to the process will be decided on January 29.

The target would be linked to a Vietnamese drug lord wanted by the DEA (Photo: Twitter/@ArielUrtaza)
The target would be linked to a Vietnamese drug lord wanted by the DEA (Photo: Twitter/@ArielUrtaza)

The man and the woman worked together, but the two hit men initially hired refused to finish their job and withdrew from Quintana Roo. One of the obstacles identified was the constant presence of surveillance in the hotel Xcaret, like police on the outskirts, according to investigations by the state prosecutor’s office.

Cristian R He notified his employer of the complexity and on January 21 he received another order: he had to pick up a new hit man at the state airport and drive him to the target. presumably came from Iztapalapa, on the Mexico City, but the prosecutor did not clarify the latter due to ongoing investigations.

The same day they entered the hotel with bracelets that were useful to them to remain in the facilities. The new murderer was given all the details of Robert James Dinh, a 34-year-old subject who allegedly served as right arm Cong Dinh, capo for whom 50 thousand Canadian dollars were offered in December 2019.

A camera from the Mexican webcams portal recorded five detonations in the tourist complex where three Canadians were shot and two of them lost their lives. Video: Webcam Xcaret.

At 2:45 p.m., it was agreed to wait for the criminal at a certain point on board a vehicle, so that he could escape. The two communicated on the phone constantly.

But 40 minutes before the events occurred, the assailant met Nhu “T. The two talked for three minutes, according to videos obtained from the security circuit of the lodging center.

The images from surveillance cameras captured part of the course of the assassin until he reached where they were. Robert James Dinh, Thomas Cherukara Y Ceara Jessica Sahadee Yari, between a number of guests near the dining and food area and in the wooden corridor that led to a pool. The woman was a partner of one of the targets.

Immediately, the vacationers noticed an argument and as soon as they heard the shots they ran for cover. A camera captured five bullets and after that panic seized the visitors. The bodies were left lying face down, bleeding. The hitman went into the jungle undergrowth attached and other vacationers asked for help.

The murderer fled through the jungle and Cristian R was waiting for him on the nearby road (Photo: SSP-QRoo)
The murderer fled through the jungle and Cristian R was waiting for him on the nearby road (Photo: SSP-QRoo)

Thomas Cherukara He died on his way to the hospital and Robert James Dinh, a few minutes later, while receiving medical attention at the hospital. The woman was also wounded and since that date remains hospitalized but is not yet available to the authorities to interview her.

The other Canadians in the group, including three minors, remain in the country. While the bodies of foreigners are in the forensic medical service in the process of being repatriated. The canada police reported to the authorities Quintana Roo that those executed were linked to the drug trafficking, robberies, weapons, property crimes Y false use of identity.

The murderer arrived at the white car where he was expected by Cristian R, took off the gray sweatshirt and threw it on the floor. Right away He got into the trunk and the two started to flee. to hide. The investigations allowed to find the driver of the vehicle on January 22, since he had also rented an apartment in the municipality of Benito Juarez.

The Quintana Roo Prosecutor’s Office warns that the murder was planned abroad, but concluded in the hotel Xcarethence coordination is maintained with Canada and the Attorney General of the Republic for organized crime offences. On investigations by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (give) no further details were required.


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