Colombian cyclist Egan Bernal remains in intensive care after successful surgeries

January 25, 2022

Image of the La Sabana Clinic, where the cyclist Egan Bernal is hospitalized after suffering an accident, in Chía, Colombia. January 24, 2022. REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez

BOGOTÁ, Jan 25 (Reuters) -Colombian cyclist Egan Bernal remains in an Intensive Care Unit after the two surgeries he underwent, including a successful spinal surgery, the clinic where he is reported on Tuesday. boarding school and the Ineos Grenadiers team.

The cyclist crashed on Monday with the back of a bus that was parked on a road near the municipality of Gachancipá, some 50 kilometers north of Bogotá, while training with other members of the British squad, according to some witnesses and the police. .

The current champion of the Giro d’Italia and winner of the Tour de France in 2019 underwent spinal surgery on Monday night that ended successfully, maintaining neurological integrity and preserving the functionality of the segments involved, the Clinic reported. Savannah College.

Before the spinal intervention, Bernal underwent surgery for a fracture of the femur in his right leg, a similar procedure for an open fracture of the patella, and a thoracostomy with drainage for chest trauma.

“The patient has been given ventilatory, hemodynamic and inotropic management, to give him the best support. It is hoped that he will be able to wake up little by little to give him the possibility that with all the volumes of liquid that he has needed, he can gradually recover,” said the latest report from the clinic on athlete health.

“In the next few days, the risk of infection and pulmonary contusion will be managed, in order to achieve better stability for the patient,” the clinic explained.

The Ineos team assured in a separate statement that Bernal remains in stable condition in intensive care after the successful surgeries and revealed that he suffered a vertebra fracture, a broken femur and right patella, chest trauma, a punctured lung and several ribs fractured by the shock.

“Now he is in an intensive care unit, while other potential secondary injuries are being examined, as well as his body responds to trauma,” said Ineos, announcing that his priority is that the athlete receives the best possible care while he begins his recovery.

The 25-year-old cyclist signed a new five-year contract with Ineos at the beginning of January, which will join the British team until the 2026 season.

Bernal’s main focus this season was the Tour de France and he recently admitted his ambition to win his second title after missing the race last year to compete in the Giro.

Neither Ineos nor the clinic revealed details about how long the cyclist’s recovery will last, who according to doctors consulted by the media could miss the entire season.

(Reporting by Luis Jaime Acosta; editing by Carlos Serrano)