Eugenio Derbez recalled how his first date with Victoria Ruffo was: “He’s out of my leagues”

January 25, 2022

Photo: Instagram @ederbez / @victoriaruffofcc

After years of distancing between dimes and diretes, Eugenio Derbez recalled how he began his torrid affair with Victoria Ruffo, the soap opera actress with whom he procreated Jose Eduardo Derbez. The comedian said that his first date was framed by the economic shortcomings he was going through at the time, which forced him to move away for a while.

The Mexican actor and comedian appeared as a special guest at The interview with Yordi Rosado, YouTube show hosted by the writer of quiúbole. The talk was full of anecdotes that ranged from his childhood, the long-awaited debut on television and his successful programs, to his family relationship.

During the talk, Eugenio Derbez spoke about his relationship with the soap opera queen that happened when he was just beginning to venture into the world of television. The actor said that He was among the forums when he found out that Victoria Ruffo had a certain attraction for him, a fact that motivated him to approach. It should be remembered that by that time the actress already had a reputation within the medium.

One day Anabel tells me: ‘Hey, skinny, someone is asking for you’, and I: ‘Who?‘, ‘Victoria Ruffo’, and I ‘The actress?’”, he recalled.

the protagonist of How to be a Latin Lover He confessed that the news took him by surprise, because he had not considered having a romantic approach with the actress, but as a result of the rumors his antennas “turned on” for her. Eugenio Derbez recalled that days later, the speculations were confirmed by his own mother, the first actress Silvia Pinal.

“The truth is that he was not someone I liked […] my mom was doing a soap opera, simply mary, with her and then my mother tells me, a few days later, ´Hey son, do you know who is asking for you? […] Victoria Ruffo’”, he said.

Ruffo prefers to follow the beauty tips that her grandmother shared with her.  (Photo: @victoriaruffo/Instagram)
Ruffo prefers to follow the beauty tips that her grandmother shared with her. (Photo: @victoriaruffo/Instagram)

After the rumours, Eugenio dared to appear in the forum where the soap opera was being recorded under the pretext of greeting his mother. Already in the place, Victoria Ruffo would have invited him to her dressing room to start a talk and that’s where they agreed on their first date.

The comedian explained that he felt quite worried because at that time he did not have enough money to be able to indulge in certain tastes such as meals in luxury restaurants, however he made an effort to impress the actress.

“I was with 800 pesos a month with two children and she was already the Queen of soap operas […] I tell him: ‘Let’s go get something to eat, where can we meet?’, ‘In my apartment and we’ll leave from there.’ He gives me the address in Las Lomas, a two-story penthouse. Then I arrive in my fishbowl, I walk and I arrive”, he commented.

Photo: Instagram/@ederbez
Photo: Instagram/@ederbez

Eugenio and Victoria would have gone to eat at an Italian restaurant where the actor paid with cash, since he did not have a card because he did not have a savings or credit account. Within the facilities, the protagonist of Crown of tears He ordered several tickets and, after seeing the prices on the menu, the actor limited himself to consuming what was on the table.

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