Katherine Miranda increases her pressure after Karen Abudinen’s complaint

January 25, 2022

Katherine Miranda filed guardianship to repeat the motion of censure against Karen Abudinen. Photos: Colprensa.

After the corruption scandal that shook the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications, which at the time represented Karen Abudinen, the controversy has focused on the use of her last name with which some people refer to stealing or directly relate it to corruption. It was 70,000 million that disappeared from the government coffers and to this day, nobody knows anything about said money.

After the extension of the complaint filed by former minister Karen Abudinen, alleging that several congressmen were using her last name to refer to corruption, there is already a statement by the defendants in which the statement of the representative to the chamber, Katherine Miranda . The lobbyist rejects the position of the former minister and her response has caused a stir, as several Internet users consider Abudinen’s demand “cynical”.

Miranda introduced the renowned lawyer Miguel Ángel Del Río Malo, and pointed out: “It is really unacceptable that former minister Karen Abudinen, based on reckless accusations against me, tries to silence me, but also millions of Colombians outraged by the loss of the 70,000 million pesos, but also because today, 1.3 million children are find without internet. That is why I announce from now on that my defense will be assumed by the lawyer Miguel Ángel Del Rio and that next week, we will request a free version before the Supreme Court of Justice.”.

To this was added the reaction of the litigant mentioned by the representative, who stressed that the world was upside down, in the statement, Del Rio said: “The former minister Karen Abudinen, denounces the representative Katherine Miranda and requests an extension of the complaint, on the occasion of the brave representative, on the occasion of the deserved motion of censure against Mrs. Abudinen”. The lawyer stated that they would denounce the former minister for using the administration of justice in a reckless and vile manner.

One of the reasons for expanding the complaint is the use of billboards by the congresswoman, where she emphasizes the phrase “LET THE COUNTRY NOT ABUDINE US”, said statement has been controversial and rejected both by the former government official of Iván Duque, and by some political sectors that support it.

Everything exploded after certain irregularities were known in a process of hiring and awarding contracts by the Ministry of ICT. Everything is born from a project that sought to connect the most remote areas of the country with technology and the internet, in addition to seeking stability for those young people who were in a process of education from alternation.

the journalist Paula Herrera of the station On the radio, made public the complaint stating that one of the contractors did not have the necessary background to carry out a work of such magnitude, in addition to having presented false documentation regarding the guarantee of the policies with banking entities, however, despite that the 70,000 million had already been deposited, they assure that said money disappeared and nobody knows about it.

Abudinen took office as Minister on May 20, 2020. Throughout the appointment process, President Iván Duque supported his Minister and even from the government bench and some parties resigned through the motion of censure, however, On September 9, 2021, he presented his resignation from the position: “I submitted my resignation to President Iván Duque as Minister of ICT. Today I am leaving in pain due to the circumstances that the country is aware of, but certain that I acted with honesty and transparency, with the hope that justice will punish those who defrauded Colombians.”.


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