“Many have obtained their privileges from corruption”: Francia Márquez

January 25, 2022

Francia Márquez (Colprensa- Sergio Acero)

In the first presidential debate of 2022, it was loaded with accusations between all the candidates. Members of the legislative lists, colleagues and even the participants themselves recognized that the discussion focused on replies and personal attacks with heartfelt speeches.

One of them was the intervention of France Marquez, when he took the floor to refer to the proposal of Rodolfo Hernandez, who put on the table the fight against corruption, a recurrent banner of his campaign.

“Stopping here to tell the country that we are going to fight corruption, when a large part of the privileges of many of those who are present here have been obtained from corruption, I think it is lying to the countryMarquez said.

All the candidates spoke about Hernández’s proposal, who argued that before a tax reform, the theft of public resources by officials and politicians should be prevented. A moment when the debate was fueled

“Speaking of corruption means preventing boys and girls from starving to death in this country. Speaking of corruption implies preventing the resources to bring drinking water to the territories, to bring education, from being squandered for who have held the power of the State and have used it for their own business and have used the State to obtain their own privileges, while the majority live in misery”, assured the leader and candidate of the Historical Pact.

Márquez’s tax proposal revolved around that same idea, which she calls “tax justice”, which means that people with higher incomes have higher taxes, without exemptions and a strong policy against evasion.

I believe that this is not a speech to convince the country of who is the best, I believe that this country has seen many of you act within this government structure. In consistency today the dead continue to be put, in consistency today boys and girls continue to die in La Guajira, in Chocó, in Cauca, in many places including here in Bogotá. I believe that talking about corruption implies assuming, closing the gaps in which people live, and that happens because many of you question your privileges, many privileges that you have obtained from the profits of the death policy”, Marquez pointed out in this regard.

Hernández’s proposal generated debate, for example with Juan Manuel Galán, who told him that the fight against corruption could not be with “horseplay.” Also in the intervention of Federico Gutierrez, with whom the Bumangués mayor has wide differences, who assured that he could not carry the flag of the fight against corruption when he had an open process for irregularities.

France Marquez It also aroused a strong reaction from the other candidates, in another intervention about possible dialogues with the ELN in their possible governments. The leader from Cauca welcomed the fact that Óscar Iván Zuluaga accepted the possibility of talks, but accused the government of her party of destroying the peace.

“I believe that no one here has suffered the armed conflict and the violence as our peoples have suffered,” said Márquez, who recalled the homicides of indigenous authorities in Cauca, his department, or the murder of Breiner David Cucuñame.

Faced with this statement, the other candidates pointed out that they have suffered from the armed conflict. Ingrid Betancourt, for the kidnapping of more than six years to which she was subjected by the Farc; Rodolfo Hernández recalled that his daughter was killed in an ELN kidnapping and Alejandro Gaviria recalled that in the 1980s he was close to being assassinated.

“We must make peace with all the armed actors, including the armed forces of the Colombian state, which also violate the rights of citizens, of impoverished people, of excluded people, of marginalized peopleMarquez said.

The Cauca leader’s speech caught the attention of other candidates. Juan Manuel Galán suggested that he be part of the New Liberalism and the head of the list of that party, Mábel Lara, also praised her through social networks after the debate. “Francia Márquez is a poem made into a woman. Come here beloved France, accept the invitation”, wrote.


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