Rappi households join the support network against insecurity in Barranquilla

January 25, 2022

Barranquilla becomes the first city in the country to sign this agreement with the home delivery company Photo: Mayor’s Office of Barranquilla

The District of Barranquilla announced that it has signed an alliance with Rappi and the Metropolitan Police of Barranquilla, which allows its more than four thousand households of this company become “eyes” that ensure safety on the streets of the city.

According to the mayor, Jaime Pumarejo, after the meeting A technological tool will be implemented that will allow households to notify, immediately, any eventuality or episode that occurs.

this panic button, you will be directly connected to the competent authorities. Thus, Barranquilla becomes the first city in the country to interconnect rappitenderos to support networks against insecurity.

“This will be the largest Police support network we have so far, and Rappi is starting this international strategy with Barranquilla. We are happy to be able to accompany them in this pilot”, said Pumarejo.

In addition, the president added that in this way “the company continues to generate employment, continues to generate sales for the different stores and restaurants and others, but that At the same time, bring security to each neighborhood where the domiciliaries that san this platform arrive.”.

He added that with this tool may report any fact that threatens personal safety or report facts such as accidents or any other eventuality in their daily work. The connection will be possible thanks to the articulated work between the Office for Citizen Security and Coexistence and ICT Management.

“In a very short time we will know that when we see a ‘rappitendero’ we will know that he is also an agent of coexistence and security in Barranquilla. With events like this and with much more, we will continue to generate a calmer, friendlier and safer city”, stressed Jaime Pumarejo.

The District highlighted that the tool to be used It was developed 8 years ago in Chile and has already reached countries such as Costa Rica and Ecuador. Although it has participated with household companies, its use also occurs in alliance with supermarket chains such as Walmart.

The Mayor’s Office of Barranquilla joined the international strategy, in which 4,000 rappitenderos from the city will participate.

According to the projection provided by the Citizen Security Observatory of the Universidad del Norte, in 2021 it exceeded 340 cases.

The director of Atlantic Justice Observatory, Janiel Melamed, confirmed that, as of December, Barranquilla recorded a total of 347 homicides, a figure that would be above those registered between 2019 and 2020, with an increase of up to 15%.

He also warned that the crime rate in the capital of the Atlantic during 2021 was recorded during 2017.

For experts, the cases of homicide in the city of Barranquilla during 2021 occurred due to the struggle between criminal gangs such as the “Clan del Golfo”, the resurgence of the “Rastrojos-Costeños” and the lack of opportunities for young people. . The city would have become a crime scene due to the dispute over the control of micro-trafficking.


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