Al Fondo Hay Sitio: Jesús Alzamora reveals that he witnessed abuse by a cast actress

January 26, 2022

Jesús Alzamora made a tremendous revelation on La Lengua, his own talk show.

Jesus Alzamora revealed in Language, his own talk show, which witnessed mistreatment by an actress from the cast of In the background there is room to another less experienced, this when he was part of the TV series with the character of Gustavo Adolfo.

This was made known when the actor and presenter defended himself against the public complaint made by the journalist Eloy Marchán against him on Twitter. As recalled, the communicator accused Alzamora of promoting an alleged anti-vaccine company on social networks.

Because of this post, which quickly went viral on Twitter, Indecopi announced that it opened an investigation against Jesús Alzamora and his wife, María Paz Gonzáles Vigil. According to the ex-animator of Yo Soy, this measure deeply affected his partner.

“It hurt me a lot to see my wife crying in bed because a pseudo-journalist saw an Instagram story of María Paz treating us with consequences. This alternative medicine company helped us, we paid 180 soles each. It is not a treatment to cure Covid, it is only for the aftermath obviouslyJesus expressed during an interview with Jorge Luna, from Hablando Huevadas.


Jesus Alzamora He indicated that in the midst of these accusations, he was surprised that a former partner of Al Fondo Sitio, a television series where he worked several years ago, retweeted Eloy Marchán’s publication without having heard his defense first.

“A colleague of mine from Al Fondo Hay Sitio, I am not going to say who she is, she is not Madgyel Ugaz (Teresita), I have seen her retweeting. That person pretends to be a defender of the people”commented the creator of La Lengua.

It was at that moment that Jesús Alzamora confessed to having witnessed the mistreatment of this same actress towards another novice during the recordings of Al Fondo Hay Sitio, back in 2012.

I’ve seen her make a young actress cry… in a scene where I was… because she didn’t say her lyrics. He told him ‘you’re trash’. The girl began to cry. It was my second scene in the series and I told her ‘don’t worry, don’t pay attention to this lady who thinks that because she came out somewhere she can disrespect you like that'”said the actor.

Although he did not want to reveal the name of the actress from Al Fondo Hay Sitio, Jesús Alzamora indicated that she is a fairly active artist on Twitter. “You see her in the networks and she is the champion of justice, but inside….”, indicated the interviewer. Who will he be talking about?

Jesús Alzamora reveals that a former partner from Al Fondo Hay Sitio made another actress in the cast cry.


Let’s remember that Jesús Alzamora participated in Al Fondo Hay Sitio in the fourth season of the teleseries in the role of Gustavo Adolfo. Her first appearance was when she saw Grace Gonzáles (Mayra Couto) get wet by a puddle of water, so she cheers her up with friend tricks.

In that same episode, it is revealed that Gustavo Adolfo is also a literature teacher at the institute of Shirley Gonzáles (Areliz Benel), who is madly in love with him and seeks to win him over by inviting him to her house.

It is there that Gustavo Adolfo meets Shirley’s family for the first time, made up of Reina Pachas (Tatiana Astengo), Lucho Gonzáles (Bruno Odar) and Johnny Gonzáles (Joaquín Escobar).

First appearance of Jesús Alzamora in Al Fondo Hay Sitio.  (Photo: Capture America TV)
First appearance of Jesús Alzamora in Al Fondo Hay Sitio. (Photo: Capture America TV)


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