Gomita talked about his new romance with a foreigner: “He’s younger than me”

January 26, 2022

Gomita made their relationship official and said she was very much in love (Photo: Twitter)

Araceli Ordazknown for her participation in Sabadazo and for his character Gomita revealed that he is in a new stage of his life, since he is starting a new romance.

It was in an interview for TvyNovelas where the famous said that she fell in love in another country and, after spending four years without a partner, finally has the opportunity to rediscover love.

“We met in September of last year, but in such a short time I am very happy because I decreed a long time ago that the love of my life was going to be in another country, “he said.

Gomita said that she has been in her new relationship for two months and mentioned that “he is South American; He is younger than me, he is 25 years old and I am 27So it’s not much of a difference.”

He explained that he does not give more details because people can be envious or cause gossip, but that he is someone with whom he is very happy living these moments.

“A long time ago I asked a San Antonio, who is upside down in a town in Michoacán, to help me find a good man and now I have him. I’ll give you a hint, he’s very handsome, he’s very cute and he treats me very well“, He said.

Gomita was happy with her new relationship (Photo: Instagram/@gomitaoficial123)
Gomita was happy with her new relationship (Photo: Instagram/@gomitaoficial123)

Likewise, the youtuber She pointed out that her boyfriend is currently studying at the university and stressed that she had not made it public, because other previous relationships with which she had proceeded in this way had failed.

just a few days ago, Araceli Ordaz defended herself from haters who harshly criticized her physique on social networks.

It was after Gomita uploaded a TikTok where she appears dancing sensually in pajamas, that Internet users soon criticized her harshly.

“Bring water balloons or why do they move so much”, “the worst thing is that she feels good with bad results”, “like when you leave the gummies in the sun and they melt”, are some of the mentions that the influencer received.

Given this, Gomita decided to break the silence and answer everyone who gave their opinion about his appearance. In this sense, he recalled an intervention he underwent years ago to remove the implants from this area of ​​the body.

gomita responds to haters (Photo: screenshot / TikTok @gomita_oficial)
gomita responds to haters (Photo: screenshot / TikTok @gomita_oficial)

“I am going to be very brief because I want to talk about this video and all the comments that are in this video. And good, my buttocks are watery because obviously I removed the implants and that was what was left. Well, nothing, if I had them, they are hard, they are hard and they do not move and if I do not have them, “he began to say in a video.

He added that the reason why his buttocks look that way is something normal due to the treatment that was carried out.

“I took them off and my bottoms were soggy, but I feel much better now not having the implants, what was left was the fat that they had put in to accommodate the implants and I am very happy that I no longer have them, I am very happy that my bubbles are like that and that’s it. That if I had them that they looked strange to me, that if I don’t have them that I’m lying because I didn’t take them off, “he added.


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