Horizon Forbidden West could change everything we expect from video games

January 26, 2022


Less and less to go Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to the video game produced by Guerrilla Games that marked a before and after of what was expected of the eighth generation in 2017. This second installment, which will be launched on February 18 for PlayStation 4 Y PlayStation 5, has new regions to explore, new factions of enemies and new mechanics that radically change -but delicately- the dynamics of the first installment.

According to the new gameplay released since IGN, Horizon Forbidden West bet on the cinematographic and the advance is not only visual but technical. The interaction with the landscape and the environment seem to work in perfect harmony to renew a scene very similar to the one already known.

The key to these new interactions is a different perspective in terms of game design. To double the open world bet, Guerrilla Games thought of new levels of verticality, since Aloy you can explore mountains and climb freely. This modality was achieved thanks to the “new” viewer of the protagonist, which will mark all the possibilities of climbing in the middle of the missions.

To add to this dimension, the protagonist will have a tool called Pullcaster, a kind of a climbing hook to try to reach the most remote points of the map. This element can be combined with the Shieldwing, a kind of digital paraglider (with physics reminiscent of the initial fall of the players in a battle royale) with which you can move through the sky while gliding calmly.

The landscapes that were shown during the last gameplay also made a significant jump in terms of storytelling. The planes, the visual suggestions and the animations, both of the space and of the characters, are carefully constructed so that they achieve harmony with the graphic narrative.

the narrative director Benjamin McCaw specified that one of the challenges was to expand the open world without making the quests and new discoveries feel repetitive: “It’s great to have a huge open-world, but if all the activities seem unrelated or non-essential, it’s not a great feeling.” he explained.

“We wanted to make sure there were paths that gave players the option to complete the main quest to get to the end of the story as quickly as possible (…). But if there’s going to be any kind of activity in the game – a board game, a melee arena, or a camp – everyone needs to feel like they’re part of the world and the story,” said director Ben McCaw.

Horizon Forbidden West also promise a new combat system and new weapons, where each one will have three specialized powers that will depend on a stamina bar that will be filled progressively with combat. Unlike Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy You will no longer have to calculate how to fight from a distance, but you will be able to face many enemies in a more melee way although depending on the type of skill that the player prefers to develop. Thus, Guerrilla Games full a new leap in the level of combat strategy that will require more decision-making without putting the protagonist’s life at risk.


The new arsenal of Aloy It also has new possibilities for confrontation, such as the poison arrows (which would produce small explosions in the gas tanks of mechanical enemies), a metal disc (which can be thrown to slice enemies), floating mines and smoke bombs (which enable new strategies even within the most frontal combats).

As expected, it was announced that the title will weigh around 100 GB in PlayStation5 and it was reported that any necessary first-day patches could be up to 120GB (however this information is yet to be confirmed by PlayStation itself).

A month after its launch, the game continues to anticipate the content it will offer

Based on the previews and gameplay images, Horizon Forbidden West It could be that title that puts Sony back at the center of the gamer conversation and marks the technical, narrative and graphic specifications of what is expected of the new generation of video games.


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