Louisville basketball: Chris Mack fired during fourth season

January 26, 2022

Louisville has parted ways with men’s basketball coach Chris Mack, the coach confirmed on Wednesday.

“It’s been building,” he told media outside of the school’s athletic facility. “I think it’s just, it’s been building. We all just want the best for Louisville, and I still do. That’s not gonna change. It’s not really important, when, any of that stuff. What’s important is that, like, these guys need to be able to be connected. I’m humble enough that if I’m not the right person, all good, man. Just want the best for them. They’re great kids.

“I loved my time at Louisville, my kids love it here, so I harbor no bitterness. Life’s too short. I know in 2022 everybody wants to be a victim. I never live my life that way at all.”