Return to normality in Istanbul after heavy snowfall, Athens remains paralyzed

January 26, 2022

Life returned to normal in the Turkish city of Istanbul on Wednesday after an exceptional snowstorm in the eastern Mediterranean continues to paralyze Athens, prompting the Greek prime minister to apologize.

Istanbul International Airport, the busiest in Europe in 2021 -with more than a thousand daily flights-, paralyzed since Monday, announced the reopening of two of its three runways, ensuring that the third will reopen in the afternoon.

According to the statement, “681 movements” are planned today and the transport service between the airport and the center of Istanbul has been able to resume normally.

In Greece, traffic – especially on the ring road around Athens, closed for the third day in a row – and electricity distribution continue to be disrupted by heavy snowfall.

On Wednesday, the military, the police and the state services were still trying to free hundreds of immobilized vehicles, abandoned by their drivers during the night from Monday to Tuesday.

The chaos prompted Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to present “personal and sincere apologies” and promise that the proper lessons will be drawn from this episode.

The unions of the agglomeration of Athens point out the lack of adequate means.

Amid the storm, Vassilis Halkias, president of the private company that runs the Attiki Odos bypass, resigned Tuesday night and the company, which apologized, promised $2,260 in damages to motorists stuck on the highway. of toll

But the situation is even worse on secondary roads and for the restoration of power lines. The inhabitants denounce the negligence of the authorities.