The leader of the gang that stole the van from the wife of “Bebe” Contepomi fell for going to have sex at a hotel accommodation

January 26, 2022

The frames that Justice used to arrest the leader of the gang.

Cesar “El Gordo” Vega he is a slippery man. He has the profile of those career criminals who know the traps of the police and how to stay on the run. Though that doesn’t last forever. After stealing the van Florencia Cardarelli, the wife of the television presenter Carlos Baby” Contepomi, last December it went into absolute secrecy. I knew that this assault had been too mediatic and that it had a good part of the Attorney General of San Isidro and of the DDI local behind him. For entire weeks he hid, changing houses and telephones. But it all ended when he and his pregnant girlfriend made two mistakes: go to a hotel accommodation to enjoy a night of pleasure and make a reservation on a travel application.

Vega was finally arrested last Tuesday night in a house in San Martin, on Belgrano street. When the Buenos Aires woman broke into the house, she was dividing 1.250.000 pesos between dollars and national bills with an accomplice.

According to data from the Boulogne UFI investigating the case, “Fat” was sentenced in 2017 a four years and two months in prison for drug trafficking and was detained in the bell prison until September of last year. At the beginning of that month, the Justice granted him the assisted liberty. Only three months passed before he was discovered stealing the van from Cardarelli.

Video: this was the robbery of Contepomi’s wife.

The robbery that brought down Vega and his band occurred on December 16 when the wife of Contepomi entered his house in Boulogne. Just at the moment when the woman opened the gate and two criminals entered with their truck, with Vega at the head, they made her get out of the vehicle and took him away. everything was registered on a security camera.

From there it began a thorough investigation to find the criminals that included skills, raids, telephone punctures and follow-ups on foot. For this, a team of four prosecutors was formed, with the Dr Patrick Ferrari to the head.

The first concrete data reached is that the criminals who robbed Cardarelli there were three. Two who got off and one who acted as the driver of the peugeot 308 white with which they arrived. That vehicle was later abandoned and became the first of the mistakes of the band.

Scientific police from Buenos Aires found in the passenger compartment of the white car a fingerprint clear enough to match against the database. Within a few hours, prosecutors had the information that he belonged to Cesar Vega. With that information, a hunt began to try to find the fugitive.

Cesar “El Gordo” Vega was imprisoned for 4 years for drug trafficking

“It was several weeks of follow-up. It wasn’t easy because I was constantly changing places and phones. He was in constant motion. We had to intervene several of their cell phones, that of his pregnant girlfriend and mount guards at the homes linked to him, ”explains a source who participated in the search.

Members of the San Isidro DDI stationed themselves in a house in the area of Pilar But it was in vain. Vega he knew they were looking for him and he left that house and never came back. Only his girlfriend remained in that house.

After several days of intelligence work, it was learned that one of the phones that he theoretically used Vega, impacted once a week on the antenna located in Pan-American and Route 202. “As much as we had this data, it was not so easy to locate it because the antennas give a radius that can be up to 3 kilometers”.

However, last Saturday there was a coincidence. At 00:30 both the cell phone Vega like his girlfriend’s hit that same antenna. The researchers came to a conclusion. In that area there are three lodging hotels: “Magnus”, “Okey” Y “Classic”. The troops went in search of the fugitive and his girlfriend. In one of those places, the concierge confirmed to the police that the couple they were looking for had left 10 minutes earlier.

The money and the gun that were found at the time of the arrest
The money and the gun that were found at the time of the arrest

Despite the frustration of that moment, the data served to corroborate that indeed “El Gordo” Vega was in that area.

Three days later, his luck ran out. As usually happens in these cases, it was a distraction that made the hunt comes to an end.

Yesterday morning, a call came to the phone from Vega’s girlfriend while she was at her house in Pilar. It was the voice of a man. “Hello. How are you? I’m from DIDI. I’m arriving in two minutes. I’ll wait for you later”. Although in this travel application the cars are requested from the app itself, the driver called by telephone to notify his location because the road was closed. “Well, here I come”, answered the woman.

At the same time, a cash from the DAJUDECO (Directorate of Judicial Assistance in Complex Crimes and Organized Crime) listened to the conversation through a puncture ordered by the judge and gave notice to the prosecution of novelty.

From the Attorney General of San Isidro An official letter was sent to the travel company to report the destination of that journey and if it is in the user’s history some address matched. The response was quick and indeed there was a street and a number that were repeated: Belgrano to 4000, Villa Lynch.

Various mobiles DDI of San Isidro they posted themselves to stand guard but noticed that there was a mistake. Actually, a diversionary maneuver. the woman from Vega put another address in the application and then I walked a few meters. Few hours of surveillance were enough to find the right house, also on the street Belgrano but 4763.

When they entered the house they found Vega and an accomplice counting money. A total of $1,250,000 between pesos and dollars. In addition they were their respective wives. They immediately went Both men arrested. The prosecution suspects that the second of those arrested is the other that appears in the filming of the robbery Florencia Cardarelli.

Vega He had in his possession a pistol and a bogus DNI with his photograph on it. The name that can be read is that of a relative of his. “We believe that from January 1 until now, while we were looking for them, he made short trips to the provinces of Chubut, Rio Negro, La Pampa and Santa Fe where he carried out other similar robberies”.

It is believed that the gang led by “El Gordo” Vega stole a total of 57 trucks in the last few months both in the northern suburbs and in the City of Buenos Aires. The curiosity is that all stolen vehicles are same as to brand and model.


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