They linked “La Hormiga”, head of the CJNG plaza in Zacatecas, to the process

January 26, 2022

Fernando Flores García, “the Ant”, was arrested in Aguascalientes (Photo: Special)

Ferdinand Flores Garcia, the Ant, appointed as head of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) in Aguascalientes, was linked to a trial by a control judge for crimes against health in the form of possession of fentanyl and methamphetamine for commercial purposes; as well as possession of a firearm, chargers and cartridges for the exclusive use of the Mexican Army.

Flores García was arrested in flagrante delicto on January 13 in a subdivision of Aguascalientes by elements of the National Guard (GN) and the Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA). He was assured a kilo and a half of methamphetamine, 2,600 pills of fentanyl, a 5.56 mm caliber rifle, 100 cartridges of various magnitudes, in addition to three chargers.

The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) presented the evidence to the control judge, who described the arrest as legal and linked the process to The ant, who it’s found confined in the Social Reintegration Center (Cereso) of Aguascalientes. It was decided to give two months for the complementary investigation.

Information in development…