Why the Alfredo Adame street fight started

January 26, 2022

Photo: Twitter screenshot/@zegfret

The afternoon of this Tuesday, January 25, went viral on social networks an unfortunate incident starring Alfredo Adame, Well, the actor was caught in the middle of a street fight of which not much has been specified.

In the viral clip, the controversial television presenter can be seen confronting a couple who descends from a van, presumably in the South Peripheral of Mexico City. after a road incident that the driver detailed for the program Chismorreo.

In the video that was the occasion of ridicule and memes, the presenter and former aspiring politician is seen confront a woman, who asks her to return her cell phone to later appear being knocked down by the husband of the woman with whom he argued.

The controversial actor struggled with a woman claiming her cell phone Videos: Twitter @MxCapitalino / @VideosVirales69

This is how he described the moment in which the former soap opera heartthrob and controversial character of the national show business with a father of a family got involved in a road fight:

“I catch up with him, under the glass and tell him: ‘Listen to me, stupid, what’s wrong with you, son of the sooty ones. And then, he makes me obscene signs again and all that stuff,’” Adame said about how things happened.

“Traffic stops, I arrive, I get off and I get to the side of the steering wheel… I arrive with him and I say: ‘Get off you bastard get off…’. And they yell at me: ‘Alfredo, they’re stealing your cell phone’, I turn to my car and the guy already half body inside my car, I put the woman aside; I go to my car, I see that he did grab the cell phone and I let him go…”, he added.

The controversial actor struggled with a woman claiming her cell phone Video: Twitter/@zegfret

About the woman who appears in the video, the actor said that she had stolen his cell phone: “the woman lets me come, she kicks me, I didn’t hit her or anything and she already had her cell phone. I run into the buddy and he gives the girl the cell phone; I told her give me my cell phone, I tried to hug her to grab my cell phone; he crouches down, I crouch down and then the other guy arrives who can be seen behind, he pulls me and He throws me to the floor and they both start kicking me”, concluded the ex-husband of Mary Paz Banquells.

And it is that according to what the former candidate of the Progressive Social Networks party referred to the program come the joy, the discussion would have originated from a slight clash, whose claim got out of control. This is what the 63-year-old actor said in the morning of TV Azteca, who assured that the way the woman attacked him was because she wanted to steal some of his belongings.

“I said: ‘Why do you let me come around my neck?’ No, well, until later, when I started out and the whole thing, I found a little pendant that I was carrying lying on a red stone and I got here and said: ‘Chin, of course,’ I picked up the pendant. Why did I go here? (around the neck), well, to steal my chain, ”he explained.

He added that someone made him see that a person was getting into his car through the window to take his cell phone, so not only was the chain stolen, but also his phone. In addition to this, he showed how his pants and shirt after the fight, both with various cuts.

As reported by the journalist and correspondent for Univision Inés Moreno on his social networks, Alfredo reported that it all started when a little shock between the vehicle in which the woman was traveling and a man, who did not stop to insult to the aspiring politician, a modus operandi that has been related to the “montachoques” gangs in the Mexican capital.