Caro Suki, the Argentine influencer who succeeds with her exercise routines in Miami

January 30, 2022

An option for a weightless leg routine, ideal for training at home: the influencer Caro Suki chatted with Teleshow about the social responsibility that is scarce on social networks

Ten years ago Carolina Sicoli He was encouraged to leave the job of his dreams in an advertising agency to start his independent path in the world of fitness. The Argentine influencer known as Caro Suki on her Instagram account she moved to Miami a decade ago and harvested a massive virtual community. From the North American city, he spoke with Teleshow about the experiences that led her to bet on a healthy lifestyle and his desire to motivate others.

“When I was a girl I was always climbing trees, dancing, I was super active”, he confesses, although he did not see it as a possibility to live off his passion for training. From the age of 8 he played hockey and kept it up until he was 18, while he alternated with dance classes. Although exercise was still present in his life, the following years he concentrated all his energies on his university career.

He trained in Advertising and Institutional Communication and later did a specialization in Human Resources. She worked as a content creator for the advertising agency Ogilvy and Mathers, taking on the challenge of managing a portfolio of high-end clients. “Practicing my profession made me very happy, it was the best job of my life and I did it for 15 years”, reports.

The fitness enthusiast confesses that she is the only one in her family who enjoys exercising: “I have to push them to do something other than soccer”

That accumulated experience helped him launch himself fully when the possibility of living in the United States arose.. It all started with a job offer, but it also coincided with a propitious personal moment to take the big leap. In the midst of her hectic routine, she maintained a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, a young Argentine who had lived in Miami for two decades, and both felt that they were prepared to bet on coexistence.

“I never considered the idea of ​​leaving Buenos Aires, on the contrary, I always imagined myself there, but the opportunity arose and I had to reorganize my priorities”, ensures. After promising herself that she would try to travel often to reunite with her family and friends, she saw the fruits of the effort and the result exceeded all her expectations: she has been in a relationship for eleven years and after settling in the North country she wanted to try her luck as an independent worker.

“I wanted to have more flexibility and unite my two facets: training is my passion and brands are my clients,” he says. Soon after, his Instagram account was born, which currently exceeds 413,000 followers.. The 37-year-old influencer also became a fashionista from the fitness community for her applauded sports looks, and thanks to her love of dancing she met Jessica Cirio, with whom he dabbled in Zumba. Later it coincided with Rocio Guirao Diaz, the Argentine model who moved to Miami in March 2021 with her family, and they became great friends.

The outdoor training of Caro Suki and Jésica Cirio: in each of their escapades to Miami, the driver coincides with the influencer and they put together exercise circuits

—When was your passion for the fitness world born?

I started training when I was very young, when I was 15 years old. My routines were 20 minutes, half an hour because I was studying at the university and working at the same time. I think that only on Saturdays did I get to do a one-hour routine that was like my day with the most training. And when I moved here there was always a culture of profitness. Everyone here trains and eats healthy or at least I surround myself with a large majority with those habits. It also coincided with the fact that I was diagnosed with celiac disease and there I completely changed my diet.

-At the time you told your networks that you were worried about your health because you had been feeling bad for several months…

—The first thing I felt when they told me I had celiac disease was relief, because I had the idea that I had very serious things. I felt bad but all the studies were good and I was scared. Even when I realized what it meant I started crying because I wasn’t going to be able to eat certain things. Imagine the sentimental relationship that we have with the food that I cried for what I would not be able to eat anymore, because there are no foods allowed.

“Perfectionist, determined and transparent”, this is how the Argentine who reinvented herself in Miami defines herself

—After all the changes you made, did you start to feel better?

A year later I began to feel spectacular, and I already had another eating routine. When I started researching and realized that I ate tomato chicken feet five times a week, I understood all the processed food I was putting into my body. At that time there was no label gluten free so I even sent emails asking the factories if there was anything gluten-free. It was crazy, not like now that everything is more advanced. It is still an autoimmune disease and I have to take care of other pathologies, but I was always skinny and ate a lot of junk; so if I didn’t find this out I might never have cared. I would have ended up diabetic.

—And how was the process of becoming a fit influencer?

—It arose when I began to go every day religiously to a gym that was very demanding with the technique, where they were dedicated to training athletes and at first my coach began to film me. She told me: ‘Watch your video three months from now, compare your squats, and see how you progress.’ Back then my Instagram was full of photos of my pets and my friends; But I started uploading videos that I had recorded myself and people from all over the world started writing to me. It was very rare. They asked me about the gym and type of training, because at that time it was not so fashionable to train full with free weights, they were always routines with machines, or a mixture of machines with some free weight exercise, but no elastic bands or other elements. , then it attracted attention and they asked me what the result was, they wanted to know more, and that’s how it started to go viral.

—Other of your passions is dancing, and that is why you entered Zumba with Jésica Cirio

—Yes, with Jésica we began to move Argentina with Zumba and at the same time I began to work independently with the training. That gave me the kick to start in parallel with my account with fitness recommendations, routines, and sports looks, which was just booming, the fashion athleisure, something that did not exist before.

The influencer joined the athleisure trend, a combination of comfort and fashion that results in a functional style for both sports activities and meetings or outings with friends.
The influencer joined the athleisure trend, a combination of comfort and fashion that results in a functional style for both sports activities and meetings or outings with friends.

—And that trend was ideal for your lifestyle…

—Totally, I began to combine the clothes with my routine of the whole day. If I had a meeting I ended up going to fitness. I began to give more importance to that, I was dressed for sports all day and I wanted to be relatively neat, put on a bag and a leather jacket and be presentable, and I began to contact all the brands that exist and I began to make them free content in exchange for them reposting me. I wanted to make myself known in the United States because I was unknown in Miami, and very soon they began to write to me from Los Angeles, from New York, and today I have a very loyal community that follows me fully and luckily it continues to grow.

—Did you have any specific objective with your community?

—You could say that my idea was never to have more followers. My focus is to be the best information available, that people trust me 100%. It takes discipline and social responsibility to communicate on the networks. In my case there was no aesthetic reason. I am interested in being healthy and I think it is important not to associate it with thinness. I always say that if the balance between exercise and diet is achieved, the aesthetic part comes hand in hand, that is where beauty arises. If you become obsessed with eating little to have an aesthetic body, the result is the opposite: the obsession becomes stress and that is very dangerous.

“‘If you don’t spend time on your health, you’re going to be forced to spend time on your illness,’ that’s the kind of thought I remind myself to stay motivated,” says the influencer.

—In your advice you include rest days, and you emphasize not overexerting yourself

“Sure, because the body really needs to recover. It is important not to lose sight of each particular case. Unfortunately, the most frequent thing I see on Instagram are poorly done exercises, poorly planned routines, poorly done warm-ups, I would tell you that there is more bad than good about that.

Do you have any future projects?

—Yes, many people have been asking me for an application for years. And I am such a perfectionist that I have been putting it off, because it is a challenge to be suitable for all levels, to avoid risk of injury, and then With my friend and training partner, Roció Guirao Díaz, we are going to create a challenge and we are going to launch it between February and March. We want to show everything we do for six weeks so that people can follow us in real life. The idea is not that they get frustrated, so we lower the complexity a bit, it will be something in between. Monday to Monday they’re going to have everything we do, and it’s also a test for me to see how people respond.

Rocío Guirao Díaz moved to Miami in March 2020 and trains alongside Caro Suki in the same gym
Rocío Guirao Díaz moved to Miami in March 2020 and trains alongside Caro Suki in the same gym

—After ten years as an influencer, do you feel fulfilled with the achievements you reaped?

—When I read the messages of those who follow me, I find out what things worked for them or what I no longer have to do. That there is only one person in the world who has improved their habits for me is already a lot and that is my motivation.


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