Chalatenango beat Luis Angel Firpo at home 2-1

January 30, 2022

At the José Gregorio Martínez stadium, Chalatenango achieved an important victory on date 4 of El Salvador – Torneo Clausura 2022. The goals of the match for the local team were scored by Héctor Rentería (2′ 2T) and Carlos Anzora (26′ 2T). While the away goal was made by Henry Castillo (48′ 2T, from a penalty).

The best player of the match was Héctor Rentería. The Chalatenango midfielder scored 1 goal.

Carlos Anzora also stood out at the José Gregorio Martínez stadium. The attacker from Chalatenango scored 1 goal.

The game had a large number of cautioned: Alexis Maravilla, Alejandro Henríquez, Meyson Ascencio, Fernando Valladares, Álvaro Lizama, Carlos Anzora, Héctor Rentería and Herbert Sosa. Héctor Rentería was sent off after receiving his second yellow card, in the 66th minute of the second half.

Chalatenango’s coach, Erick Prado, proposed a 4-3-3 formation with Henry Hernández in goal; Meyson Ascencio, Dieter Vargas, Joel Ortega and Alejandro Henríquez on the defensive line; Fernando Valladares, Diego Coca and Leonardo Menjívar in the middle; and Carlos Anzora, Denis Pineda and Carlos Salazar in attack.

For its part, Roberto Gamara’s team took the field with a 4-4-2 scheme with Darryl Parker under the three sticks; William Canales, Gabriel Ventura, Alexis Maravilla and Diego Chávez in defense; Herbert Sosa, Jaime Ortiz, Jefferson Polío and Álvaro Lizama at midfield; and Jomal Williams and Styven Vásquez up front.

César Nolasco was the referee who directed the match at the José Gregorio Martínez stadium.

Chalatenango’s next game in the championship will be away against CD Platense, while LA Firpo will visit Alianza FC.

Note and image source: DataFactory