COVID-19: vaccination of minors in Arequipa does not meet expectations

January 30, 2022

COVID-19: vaccination of minors in Arequipa does not meet expectations

The vaccination process against COVID-19 for children between 5 and 11 years of age is not going at the desired speed in Arequipa. Despite the fact that the age group was expanded in the southern region, during the first two days of vaccination only 8,640 minors attended the vaccination centers. For that area of ​​the country, it was estimated that 37,300 doses were needed.

The head of immunization Regional Health Management, Giovanna Valdivia, reported that there were approximately 29,000 vaccines left over and, of this remainder, it was expected that 15,000 would be used on the first day of immunization for children over five years of age. But it did not happen as planned, since only 8,500 doses were applied on Saturday, half of what was expected.

When the vaccination of children was launched, the immunization centers registered a large influx of minors with their parents to the point that it was feared that the 29,000 doses they had left over could run out during Saturday and Sunday, a situation that would leave without inoculating dozens of children. “If this were to happen, only on Monday would we be suspending vaccination, since on Tuesday of this coming week we expect to receive a similar batch of pediatric vaccines that arrived”, indicated the specialist on Saturday morning.

The specialist pointed out that she attributes the low influx of minors in the first three days to the fact that a certain number of them would be suspected of carrying the virus and feeling some symptoms. In that case, the Ministry of Health recommends that the patient wait 14 days to attend the vaccination centers.

COVID-19: vaccination of minors in Arequipa does not meet expectations
COVID-19: vaccination of minors in Arequipa does not meet expectations

He also added that, because these are weekdays, parents are busy and cannot take their children to be immunized. The expectation is that this Sunday, January 30, the more than 19,000 remaining vaccines can be used.


The director of Immunizations of the Minsa, Gabriela Jiménez, reported that parents can take advantage of the weekend to take their children to the vaccination centers, in case they can be complicated from Monday to Friday due to their work schedule.

This weekend we continue to activate the Warma Vaccine, vaccination with protection and lots of fun. We will serve all children from 5 to 11 years old with or without morbidities on Saturday from 7 am to 9 pm and on Sunday from 7 am to 7 pm We are waiting for you at all vaccination centers”, specified Gabriela Jiménez.

Although the vaccination process at younger beginnings with those between 5 and 11 years with comorbidities and those between 10 and 11, It was decided that they should be added to the rest of the minors between 5 and 11 years of age in order to provide them with protection against the COVID-19 virus. The Ministry of Health has implemented the Vacuna Warma strategy to motivate girls and boys between the ages of 5 and 11 to go with their parents to the vaccination centers.

With a children’s show, super heroes, princesses, among other colorful characters designed for children, the aim is to make vaccination more attractive so that they can enjoy games and shows while they wait their turn at the vaccination center. “We ask parents to come in a timely manner so that their children can be vaccinated, we are taking all the necessary precautions to make it a fun, happy day, with games, puppets, paintings and vaccination with quality and warmth” Jimenez mentioned.


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