“Misadapted” threw a dog from the sixth floor due to the defeat of the Colombian team

January 30, 2022

Photo taken by @BonfanteMaria

Colombians are recognized for the strong emotions that soccer generates in the fans, especially when it comes to the games of the Colombian National Team for the World Cups. Unfortunately, on some occasions the reactions to the loss of a game by the Tricolor trigger events in which people who were simply enjoying a sporting event are injured and even killed.

In the last hours, the game of the Colombian National Team against Peru generated many reactions in the country, especially negative, due to the defeat by one goal. In Cartagena, the defeat of the Colombian team apparently caused an angry fan to throw a mascot from a sixth floor.

If you don’t believe, this is how the neighbors and animal protection authorities have described the reaction of this person who caused the death of a dog. The events took place in the El Club residential complex, located in the La Carolina neighborhood, when During the night of Friday, January 28, after the end of the match between Colombia and Peru, a dog fell into the void and died on impact.

The news was spread on social networks by María Bonfante, legal representative of the Cartagena de Indias Animal Protection Association, who assured that, according to the community of the residential complex, the canine was thrown by a “misfit” from a sixth floor.

What happens to the people of Cartagena? A misfit, because Colombia loses the match they throw a dog from a high floor of a building”, the woman wrote on her official Twitter account, a publication in which He added the image of the dog after the vacuum fell and surrounded by the inhabitants of the place, especially children, who loved the canine that lived in the area. The woman clarified that the person who launched it was not its owner, since the dog belonged to another person who did not live in that residential complex.

The community heard a loud bang and decided to go out to see what had happened, that’s when they found the animal dying on the ground. According to the regional newspaper El Universal, the dog was quickly transferred to a veterinary center, At around 6:45 p.m. on Friday, the dog was checked in.

María Bonfante reported that at first the dog was admitted in a state of shock, but alive, which is why the doctors quickly began arduous work to clarify his condition and if it was possible to save his life. He specified that the canine presented “complete fracture of the left forelimb of the ulna and radius; humerus fracture, in the right anterior member; hip fracture in hind limbs and a multifocal spinal injury”.

But this was not the most serious, after the doctors performed an abdominal palpation on the dog, they found that there was free fluid in the animal’s abdomen. Immediately afterwards they performed an abdominocentesis, with which they noticed that the liquid was red in color and had a urinous odor.

It is decided to perform an abdominal ultrasound where there is evidence of rupture of the bladder and stomach, detachment of the liver and abundant fluid in the abdomen.”, explained the legal representative of the Cartagena de Indias Animal Protection Association.

Over time, the state of health of the animal, victim of cruelty, worsened and it was determined that He had grade III nervous system depression, pale-colored mucous membranes, tachycardia, polypnea with costal breathing, and mixed dyspnea. the latter indicating that the canine had trouble breathing and that saving his life would be an impossible task.

Finally, the animal did not resist and died in the care center, the diagnosis was abdominal hemorrhage, polytrauma and multiple rupture of viscera.

Bonfante added that “as legal representative of the Cartagena de Indias Animal Protection Association, I kindly request the citizens who live in the complex to file the relevant complaint of the case in the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation in Cartagena. We will be intervening or, failing that, if they do not, we will do it.”.

For its part, the Metropolitan Police of Cartagena reported that uniformed Environmental and Ecological Protection officers traveled to the scene to initiate an investigation in this regard. The cameras of the place will be verified in order to determine the fact and find the person responsible”, informed the authorities.


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