Massa confirmed that the agreement with the IMF will go to Congress and that this afternoon they will announce the new president of the bloc

February 1, 2022

Sergio Massa, Alberto Fernandez, Maximo Kirchner

Máximo Kirchner’s resignation from the presidency of the Frente de Todos bloc of deputies triggered extensive meetings prior to the presidential tour to China and Russia in order to define his successor in office.

Shortly before 10 o’clock, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, entered the Olivos residence to meet with Alberto Fernández to define who will be in charge of leading the ruling bloc in the lower house.

At the end of the extensive conclave, the leader of the Renovador Front spoke to the press and, among other things, confirmed that the agreement with the IMF will go through Congress – he ruled out a DNU from the head of state – and that it will be Alberto Fernández who will define the replacement for Máximo Kirchner this afternoon.

“We shuffled several names. Máximo did an enormous job and has earned personality and political leadership. Whoever has to carry out this work has to do it understanding that they have to seek cohesion in the Frente de Todos and continue with the parliamentary and political work that the government has “Massa said.

In addition, the head of the Chamber of Deputies clarified that “no risk of fracture” in the official caucus and quoted the letter from the leader of La Cámpora: “He is proposing that there is a unification of the bloc beyond the nuances.”

On the possibility that the understanding with the Fund founders after the maneuver of the Vice President’s son, Massa said: “It seems to me that one thing is the internal discussion of a space and another the issues in which the country is at stake. In that we have to have a look of statesmen. Beyond our differences or what a political adversary like Together for Change represents, what we have to think about is that the country is at stake.”

Although the vice president Cristina Kirchner did not participate in person of the meeting, the sources consulted assured that is in permanent contact with Fernández and Massa in order to be part of the decision making process.

Maximo and Cristina Kirchner (Marcos Gomez)
Maximo and Cristina Kirchner (Marcos Gomez)

Between the possible candidates circulating to occupy the office on the third floor of the Legislative Palace reserved for the president of the ruling bloc, there is a figure that, they say, has already been ruled out: the current vice president of the caucus, Cecilia Moreau.

In this stage, two names that appeared strongly and that several leaders pronounced are those of the legislators Jose Luis Gioja and Leandro Santoro.

In the case of the first, the man from San Juan has an extensive career in Congress, he was president of the PJ and governor of his province, he was quite active since the beginning of the understanding was announced. Of ascendancy among his peers in the bloc and respected by the opposition, Gioja has already spoken with the president of the Budget and Treasury Commission -the deputy of the Frente de Todos Carlos Heller- to discuss the treatment of the agreement and advanced that in principle, ” Next week the Economy authorities, headed by their minister Martín Guzmán, will be in Congress and we will see” about the treatment they will have in Congress.

(Adrian Scandar)
(Adrian Scandar)

Regarding the agreement, unlike Máximo Kirchner, he praised the agreement and the highest officials of the Government, pointing out that “this step had to be taken, which was possible thanks to the intelligence and firmness of the national government, to the impeccable work of Alberto as well as Cristina and Minister Guzmán and his team, because they have all collaborated in this”, according to a San Juan newspaper.

The other candidate is a man with less experience in the National Congress, since he took office for the first time as a national legislator on December 10. In a very good relationship with President Fernández and with Vice President Kirchner, Santoro was also favorable to the announced agreement.

According to the Buenos Aires deputy, agreeing with the Fund was a “campaign commitment” that was “fulfilled.” “The commitment was to resolve the debt without applying adjustment plans.” The government agrees with the IMF “a program of macro ordering for growth, without affecting social or development items. We complied,” he said.

In the midst of the crisis that the departure of one of the coalition partners means, from some sectors of the Casa Rosada they understand that change can favor them and that the dialogue can be more fluid, especially taking into account the latest events in the Lower House that had Máximo Kirchner as their axis -the vote on the 2022 Budget-.

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