Colombia disappointed: fearful, without ideas and with a streak of seven games without a goal, it moves away from Qatar 2022

February 2, 2022

Rafael Santos Borre, James Rodríguez and Luis Díaz after the defeat against Argentina. REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian

The most skeptical were right. Colombia did not break the streak of six games without scoring a goal for the qualifiers against Argentina, contrary to this, it equaled the worst record, that of Venezuela between 1997 and 2000. Neither did the expected courage show in those who were booed just four days after the Metropolitan Stadium of Barranquilla. They lacked feeling the shirt, the bravery necessary to disrespect the Albiceleste in her house in search of three points that would keep her alive.

was expected a tricolor combo insolent, impetuous, a fighter even when he lacked good football, and yet, from the first minute of the match played at the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium, an insecure eleven was seen, worried that they would not score instead of scoring, paradoxical in a team that does not add three points on the same dates that does not celebrate a goal.

“If a victory cannot be achieved, a draw also allows us to continue adding,” said Reinaldo Rueda at a press conference prior to the match, and, apparently, he proposed a tactical scheme for that, to get a point. In the first half the team lacked mobility, and why not? If they were more concerned about not losing the ball and being badly stopped than about generating play. It’s bad to compare, but Carlos Queiroz was questioned for his defensive style and the Valle del Cauca helmsman, from whom something different was expected, opted for himself. Negative point for both, it did not work for them

As happens when a team takes refuge in its own field of play against a team with hierarchy like the one led by Lionel Scaloni, they end up conceding a goal. “The pitcher goes to the fountain so much that in the end it breaks”, says a popular adage that also applies to football, and in the 29th minute of the match, Argentina proved it. After a cross into the area by Marcos Acuña, the star of Inter Milan, Lautaro Martinez, sent to keep the ball at the back of the net.

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Stefan Medina failed who, aware of James Rodríguez’s lack of physical condition, did not pressure Acuña to prevent him from crossing into the area, Dávinson Sánchez missed, who did not intercept the ball, and Camilo Vargas, who, despite stretching himself, was unable to prevent Acuña from falling. his bow. Of course, part of the fault lies with the ’10’, since it has been more than a year since he has not found his best form.

Mateus Uribe did not contribute in attack or defense, why did he wait so long to replace him with Víctor Cantillo? Johan Mojica did not dazzle as in Elche, he looked slow, unable to associate with Fought Díaz, the difference share, along with the recently crowned champion goalkeeper with the Atlas. Juan Guillermo Cuadrado added another game without tuning, he was far from being the benchmark that stands out in Juventus. Those who entered Luis Javier Suárez, Diego Valoyes, Radamel Falco García and Gustavo Cuéllar contributed little or nothing.

Yes, Colombia generated options, the clearest at the end of the first half. Anxious in front of the rival portico, Miguel Ángel Borja chose to burn the Dibu Martínez when the best thing would have been to bite the ball, and, on the rebound, by means of a luxury, Lucho almost celebrated a goal, but a defender took the ball off the line. Nothing to do.

Mathematically, the coffee growers can still advance to Qatar, but their fearful game more than illusion arouses disappointment.


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