Natalia Téllez’s baby was born and that’s how she presented it on networks

February 2, 2022

After a week of absence on his Instagram profile, Natalia Téllez shared an image on the afternoon of this Tuesday, February 1 in his account, where she is seen with her baby Emilia in her arms.

Without any text other than a black heart, the driver of divine nets She was seen with her newborn, who appears wrapped in a bear onesie while Natalia feeds her with a bottle.

The 36-year-old driver she had not confirmed the exact date she would give birth, but said that the range of possibilities covered from the end of January to the beginning of February, a forecast that with the newly shared image was fulfilled this afternoon.

In a few minutes, the publication of the also actress has achieved more than 30 thousand likes and dozens of messages congratulating her on her new motherhood; At the moment, from the artistic circle only the actress Ceci de la Cueva congratulated her with a brief “wow”.

The baby of the actress and presenter is also the daughter of the photographer Antonio Zabala (Photo: Instagram screen clipping)

Little Emilia is the fruit of the romance of the former host of Today with Antonio Zabala music producer and photographer, with whom Natalia has been in a relationship for more than a year, and with whom she has shared multiple moments on social networks that attest to their intense romance.

At the time of closing this note, the newly released as a mother has not issued statements to the media, although it is expected that in the coming days she will offer statements detailing her delivery, and the health status of little Emilia.

For months past, the actress who became known as the host of Telehit over a decade ago, she had been showing previews of her pregnancy on the show divine nets, where she told her classmates the day to day in her process to become a mother. She even revealed that she did not feel prepared for the experience and was afraid of “not liking” her daughter.

(Photo: Ig @netasdivinastv)
(Photo: Ig @netasdivinastv)

“Whenever I saw mothers I said: ‘I would have to go through a lot, learn a lot, be on another level with myself to be able to take that step’ and suddenly I think my life was configured in a way that I said go, I can do it, I feel ready”, he confessed in a broadcast of the program of Unicable.

Likewise, she deepened that at the time she saw how other women were mothers and did a thousand things that seemed too complicated for her.

For me it was an impossible challenge, because I said: ‘it is impossible to be a mother’ and I saw them and it was the impossible job. I thought you can stay in the casting or you can give the apartment down payment, but being a mother I saw it as the impossible job, ”he said.

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