Goalless, U. Magdalena and Pasto equalized the match

February 3, 2022

U.Magdalena and the Volcanics failed to open the scoring and the match corresponding to date 4 of Colombia – Liga Betplay 2022 ended in a draw.

Roberto Hinojosa had a great performance. The attacker from U. Magdalena shone kicking 6 times and making 53 correct passes.

Another player who had a great game was Mariano Vázquez. The attacker from Pasto shone kicking 6 times and giving 22 correct passes.

It was a game with many fouls and numerous interruptions. There was a large number of cautioned: Ronaldo Lora, James Sánchez, Carlos Silva, Carlos Bejarano, Juan José Vásquez, Diego Martínez and Gilberto García.

The DT of U.Magdalena, Carlos Silva, presented a tactical arrangement 4-3-3 with Carlos Bejarano in goal; James Castro, Jonathan Lopera, Stiwar Mena and Brayan Correa on the defensive line; Ronaldo Lora, Jairo Palomino and James Sánchez in the middle; and Roberto Hinojosa, Ethan González and Joel Contreras in attack.

For its part, Flabio Torres’s team came out with a 4-3-3 tactical arrangement with Diego Martínez under the three sticks; Gilberto García, Luis Payares, Kevin Riascos and Juan José Vásquez in defense; Facundo Ospitaleche, Camilo Ayala and Juan Camilo Roa in midfield; and Mariano Vázquez, Hassan Vergara and Léiner Escalante up front.

Steven Camargo was in charge of overseeing the order of play during the match.

On the next day, U.Magdalena will face Millonarios as a visitor, while the Volcanics will play at home against At. National.

The local team is in sixteenth place with 3 points and 0 wins, while the visitor reached 2 units and is placed in nineteenth place in the tournament.

Note and image source: DataFactory