Shaq: Ben Simmons ‘said some things’ following criticism

February 3, 2022

NBA Hall-of-Famer Shaquille O’Neal made headlines last week for comments on Inside The NBA that were critical of 76ers All-Star Ben Simmons.

“I stay on big guys because I care about them. I want them to play a certain way, I want them to play at a certain level,” O’Neal said. The difference between [Embiid] and his soft partner [Simmons] is [Embiid] can take criticism without being a crybaby and he still wants to play,” O’Neal said.

O’Neal went on to add that he “didn’t respect” Simmons.

Simmons has not played this season with the 76ers as he looks to be traded from the franchise. O’Neal said Thursday Simmons has reached out and has “said some things” following the Hall-of-Famer’s comments.