If Bryan Harsin can’t win the locker room, Auburn football can’t thrive

February 4, 2022

I question whether Bryan Harsin is the right fit for Auburn football, and that skepticism doesn’t hinge on Harsin being from Idaho.

Geographical fit can affect a coach’s candidacy and tenure, but coaches need not be raised on Waffle House to thrive in the SEC. Nick Saban and Urban Meyer, the SEC’s two most successful coaches this millennium, are from West Virginia and Ohio, respectively. Neither had worked within the SEC before becoming coaches within the conference.

Whether a coach fits well within a program matters more than where the coach is from.

Building a strong program comes easier for coaches who foster widespread allegiance from players and staff. Harsin isn’t earning that.

Multiple people who were part of Auburn’s program during Harsin’s 2021 debut on the Plains say he falls short of the standard for player treatment.

They describe Harsin as failing to win the locker room. And if a coach can’t win the locker room, he’ll struggle to put a successful product on the field.

“He’s a dictator, bro. This is a dictatorship,” former Auburn wide receiver Kobe Hudson said Friday on Instagram Live.

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