Immorality does not prescribe

February 4, 2022

It is intolerable. That Carlos Santiso continues to be a coach of the female Rayo, establishes what is the real consideration of the Spanish sports authorities towards female athletes. From the president of Rayo to the Ethics Committee of the RFEF and the CSD. Here there are plenty of verbal condemnations, we must act without permissiveness.

Let’s remember the facts. Some audios revealed by Antena 3 uncover the way in which this individual motivated his assistants 4 years ago, while training the Vallecas child: “This staff is incredible, but we lack things. We need to take one, but let it be of legal age not to get into jaris and charge it all together. That is what unites a coaching staff and a team. Look at those of the Arandina, who went straight to promotion. Good Sunday, guys.”

The author of such barbarity has apologized for what he describes as an “unforgivable macho joke” while ruling out his resignation.

Well no, Carlos. Inciting a gang rape is no joke, and mentioning behavior condemned by a judge as sexual abuse of a 15-year-old girl as a reference is very serious and unacceptable in a coach.

Lost opportunity

The fact that it has prescribed will only be a legal argument for those who want to wash their hands, but ethically and morally this does not prescribe.

What an opportunity the RFEF Ethics Committee is missing to show its reason for being if it does not act decisively in this unpleasant and unacceptable matter!

The output was missing Martin Dam “professionals are signed here and not people”. There are phrases so fat that it is not even necessary to comment, everything is explained there.

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In Spanish football, a coach is sanctioned who angrily claims a foul shouting “it was a foul, it was a foul” waving his arms. Two games fell to Quique Sanchez Flores. Clubs are sanctioned for offensive chants from their fans every Sunday. Stands are closed. But you’re allowed to train a guy who incites gang rape.

Would this be allowed to a manager of the Santander League, for example? The answer is never. And we’d do well. For the same reason, someone who plays these “jokes” should not be allowed to lead a collective. Be it men or women.