Lupillo Rivera again launched against his brother Juan: “I paid his demand”

February 4, 2022

The singer assured that he has a moral responsibility with the children of the Diva de la Banda (Photos: @lupilloriveraofficial / @ juanriveramusic)

The singer Lupillo Rivera showed more indications about the complicated relationship between him and his brother Juan, since assured that every day is better to be apart.

“I believe that each one will be better on their own, it is like any other family, there are some relatives who are in Mexico and others who are in the United States and never see each other; but the day they see each other they want to see each other and that is the healthiest thingsaid the singer in an interview for the program windowing.

Lupillo’s statements were given due to the positioning by Juan, who He assured that he is willing to initiate legal proceedings against the interpreter for assuring that he received money of the children of his sister, the unforgettable Diva of the band, Jenni Rivera.

I gladly pay the claim without having to hire a lawyer, I have no problem and if he has to come to that, I will gladly pay the lawsuit,” he said.

Juan Rivera was upset with his brother Lupillo after supporting his nephews (Photo: Instagram/@juanriveramusic)
Juan Rivera was upset with his brother Lupillo after supporting his nephews (Photo: Instagram/@juanriveramusic)

He also mentioned that He has been close to his nephews, Jenni’s children, due to the absence of their parents, as she assured that he has a moral commitment to them despite the conflict that exists on the part of his mother and brother.

“My responsibility as an uncle is to teach them a little of what I know about life, to advise them on good things, to advise them on correct things that make them feel good and, well, my mom, my dad, my siblings, maybe they see life differently and I respect their position but you also have to respect mine because each of us lives as we can, “he said.

Finally he confessed that he has not made his will for although he fully trusts his wife and children, He wants them to learn to get ahead on their own.

Since Janney Chiquis Rivera exposed that supposedly someone stole money from Jenni Rivera Fashion, the family members involved in her accusations have defended themselves with different arguments, there are also those who have supported her, such is the case of The Bull of the Corrido.

Chiquis Rivera was the one who reported robberies within her mother's company (Photo: @chiquis/ Instagram)
Chiquis Rivera was the one who reported robberies within her mother’s company (Photo: @chiquis/ Instagram)

In an interview for The fat and the skinny At the beginning of last month, the singer confirmed his support for his nephews, Jenni’s children, and left in against John, with whom has starred in a confrontation of bickering from May 2021.

The singer said he disapproves of his brother’s actions by ask his nephews for money how did you uncover it Chiquis, since he received a monthly salary for what he has done within the companies of the Band Diva. He asserted that Juan, as an employee of Jenni Rivera Enterprises, I shouldn’t be asking for more money of what was stipulated would be his salary.

“That they want to ask their nephews for money now for being there, that does not have a mother, the truth. In other words, of course, it doesn’t work. When you are an employee of any company, you are just an employee. If Juan had good ideas, then you have to applaud his ideas, but that’s it,” he mentioned.

He also implied that he if you believe that the robbery was committed due to the attitude that Rosie and Juan took when it became known publicly that an audit was being carried out in Jenni’s companies due to the fact that the requested reports were not delivered.


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