“Night of the vaccines” in the province of Buenos Aires: hours and service points without a shift for this Friday

February 4, 2022

This Friday night there will be more than 100 vaccination posts in the suburbs and in tourist places in the province

With the aim of deepening the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus, with an eye especially on young people, this Friday at the last minute will be carried out “The night of the vaccines”. There will be more than 100 fixed and itinerant posts located in central places of the Buenos Aires suburbs and in high-traffic tourist points in the interior of the province to which citizens will be able to attend to apply first and second doses, and reinforcements, without prior shift.

The health strategy carried out by the Ministry of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires It seeks to expand access to vaccination, enabling vaccination clinics during exceptional hours so that those people who, for various reasons, cannot do so at the usual times can attend. Thus This February 4, from 8:00 p.m., access to inoculants against COVID-19 will be facilitated.

From the aforementioned government portfolio, they affirmed that the main recipients of the initiative are young people, but that vaccination of all age groups will be guaranteed to come to the different points tonight.

The Minister of Health, Nicolás Kreplak, and his message on networks
The Minister of Health, Nicolás Kreplak, and his message on networks

The measure had been announced days ago at a press conference held by the Buenos Aires administration in Pinamar. “This Friday, February 4, starting at 8 p.m., there will be 50 itinerant posts and more than 50 fixed posts that will extend their hours to be able to cover the night throughout the province and especially on the coast., which will allow us to reach a different public, which we usually cannot reach under other conditions”, said the Minister of Health, Nicholas Kreplak.

“We know that vaccination is the tool we have to be able to take a step forward and to prepare for the start of classes and the fall-winter season in the best conditions,” added the official. In accordance with the beginning of the school year, parents of children 3 years of age and older can take their children to one of the more than 100 clinics to be inoculated against COVID-19.

According to official data from the Kicillof government, 92.15% of Buenos Aires residents received the first dose; 80.56% applied the second dose; and 30.74% had access to reinforcement. Near 17 million is the number of the total population to be vaccinated in the province.

Starting this week, the booster dose shifts began to be sent for the age group from 12 to 49 years old and who have completed more than 4 months of their last inoculation.

Vaccination in PBA
Vaccination in PBA

Where will the vaccination posts be:

Adolfo Alsina: Cut off Plaza Levalle (Roque Saenz Peña and San Martín)

Admiral Brown: Rosales 1518 (Adrogue)

Avellaneda: Guemes 700

Blue: Av. Bidegain y Av. Urioste

White Bay: Chiclana 627

Balcarce: Av. René Favaloro and Av. Juan Kelly

Baradero: San Martin 550

Benito Juarez: Route 80

Berazategui: 148 and 18

berisso: 161 between 12 and 13

Bolivar: Av. Lavalle 100

Campaign: Av. Int. Varela 350, Campana

reeds: Lara 1101 corner Florida

Carmen de Areco: Saavedra 544

Chacabuco: Av. Miguel Máximo Gil and La Rioja

Keys: Juan Elicagaray 453

Chivilcoy: Olavarria 363

Colon: 17th and 48th Street

Colonel Dorrego: Corner of Immigrant and Cisneros Streets

Colonel Rosales: Urquiza 11

Echeverria: the Heras and Arana

Ensenada: Cape Verde and Ortiz de Rosa

Escobar: Pres. Peron 450, Garin

exaltation of the cross: Av del Libertador San Martin, in Cardales

Ezeiza: Walk of the Fatherland 455

Florentino Ameghino: Calle 30 and esq. 9

Florencio Varela: Mar Chiquita and February 3

General Alvarado: Paseo Luis Leloir 661

General Alvear: Pte. Perón corner San Martin

General Pinto: April 2 and Mariano Moreno

General Pueyrredon: Train station. San Juan 1642, Av. Colón and Av. Mitre, and Carlos J. Benielli 3452, Villa Ballester

Guaminí: Spy Cifone 266

Hurlingham: Route 201 between Isabel la Catolica and O Brien

Ituzaingó: Pedestrian Eva Perón at 800Jose C. Paz: Av. José Altube and Roque Saenz Peña, JCPazJunin: Av. Libertad and Sarmiento and in Germany to 177The Coast: Calle 13 between 45 and 46 and Calle 36 and 35

The Madrid: Sarmiento Street No. 486The slaughter: Av. Brigadier JM de Rosas 10198; Florencio Varela 1903; Luro and Valentín Gómez streets; Av. de Mayo and BelgranoAt payment: 8 and 41 and 42 and in street 532 and 23

Lanus: July 9, 1680Laprida: Lavalle 1291

Flowers: Harosteguy 418The Heras: Rivadavia 0

Lincoln: Córdoba 650Lobos: Bartholomew Miter 648

Lomas: Maipú and Alsina streets and España and Colombres streets

Lujan: Avellaneda and Alvear

Argentine Falklands: Av. Presidente Perón 4276, Los Polvorines

little sea: Acapulco Avenue

Mark Peace: Avellaneda 1950

Mercedes: Calle 23 No. 383 between 16 and 18

Merlo: Real and Padre Espinal (Center of Merlo)

Monte: Pinazo and Alem Street

Mount Beautiful: Between Pedestrian Dufaur and Pedestrian Dorrego

Moreno: Av. Francisco Piovano 2969

Hummock: Casullo 59, corner Rivadavia

Necochea: Of. 59 N ° 836

Olavarria: Brown and Colonel Suarez

Patagonians: Golden Sunday and Sister Vallese

Parchment: Irigoyen and Chile.

Pigue: France Street 35

Pilar: KM 46 branch Pilar

Pinamar: Bunge between mermaid and avenue of the sea and street De Las Medusas 1231

President Peron: 124 and 105 Guernica

Pringles: Spain 1057

Quilmes: 845 Street N°2250

Rauch: Rafael Arrieta Municipal Amphitheater (Central Square)

Salad: John .B. fair 2667

jump: Saint Martin and Liberty

Saint Anthony: Guiraldes y Aubain

Saint Ferdinand: Avellaneda and North Access

San Isidro: Av. Marquez to 800, San Isidro

Saint Nicholas of the Streams: Juan B Justo and Italy and on the street May 25, 464

Saint Vincent: July 9 to 180

Tandil: Hipolito Yrigoyen 662

Tapalqué: Irigoyen and July 9

Tiger: Lavalle 520, Tiger

Tornquist: Ernest Tornquist 502

February third: Av. Bartolomé Miter 4848, Caseros.

Vincent Lopez: Av Maipú 2124, Florida

Villa Gesell: Av 3 between 140 and 141 and Av Buenos Aires and Avenida 4

Villarino: Medrano 320 and in street 24 N° 248

Zarate: Hipolito Yrigoyen in Zárate


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