Peace and progressivism: central axes of Petro’s meeting with former Spanish president Rodríguez Zapatero

February 4, 2022

Gustavo Petro and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero met in Madrid. – Photo: Photo: Twitter @petrogustavo

During Gustavo Petro’s visit to Europe, where he jumped from Rome to Spain, held a meeting this Thursday, February 2, with the former president of that country Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero to whom he proposed several ideas with which he seeks to come to power in Colombia.

In fact, during one of their dialogues, the candidate for the Historical Pact told the former Spanish president “How to achieve a Colombia in peace and an America in peace”.

In addition, at the meeting that took place in Madrid, the Spanish capital, Both politicians spoke about how to achieve gender and social equality in today’s society. Petro even assured Rodríguez that if he wins the elections in his country, he will seek to end the armed conflict, which will bring multiple benefits, such as the conservation of the environment.

“I have had the honor of sharing with a brave politician who with exquisite ways promoted equality between men and women, in all areas of Spanish society, and without spotlights or noise, with deep democratic values, took the course towards achieving end of terrorism in Spain, with the abandonment of ETA’s armed struggle and the incorporation of its ideology into democratic institutions. We work to achieve these milestones in Colombia, peace ensures freedom and progress,” said the leader of Colombia Humana about his meeting with the former president of Spain.

At the event, Petro was accompanied by his wife, Verónica Alcocer, who has not left him alone for a minute. In fact, he was also present at the controversial meeting between his spouse and Pope Francis in Vatican City.

The Petro campaign provided details regarding the meeting of the former mayor of Bogotá with the renowned former Spanish president, of whom they stand out was the first parity government in the history of Spain and that appointed Carme Chacón, the first woman Minister of Defense and other achievements of gender parity that would have broken the political paradigm of that Iberian country such as:

“He created the Ministry of Equality. His first law was against sexist violence. It was approved in December 2004 as the “Law against Gender Violence”, a pioneer in Europe. It included social, educational and judicial measures. Promoted the “Law for Effective Equality between Women and Men”. It created the Courts of Violence against Women. It promoted the approval of marriage between people of the same sex and promoted the “Law for the Promotion of Personal Autonomy and Care for Dependent People” that provides rights to people with disabilities and seeks to protect caregivers, who usually be women,” they added.

Petro’s social networks were also protagonists of his meeting with Rodríguez Zapatero; the candidate for the Historical Pact recounted other events that he discussed with someone who shares his progressive ideology in the old continent.

“How to achieve a Colombia in Peace and an America in Peace? Subject of my conversation with the former head of the Spanish government José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. In addition, I met with businessmen from the hotel, construction and media sectors in Spain,” Gustavo Petro wrote on Twitter.

For his part, other meetings were known that the presidential candidate will hold until this Saturday, February 5, when he will return to his native Colombia. For now, this Friday he will have meetings with businessmen from one of the powers of Europe.

-A meeting with members of the National Association of Capital Goods Manufacturers (Sercobe), presidents of companies in the Railway and Renewable Energy sectors.

-A meeting with the executive vice president of the energy company Iberdrola, Antonio Miguel Carmona.

-A meeting with the president of the Euroamerica Foundation, Ramón Jáuregui, dedicated to stimulating cooperation and understanding between European and Latin American institutions, companies and personalities to promote relations, especially from the private sector.


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