Pedro Castillo will offer a message to the nation in the midst of the appointment of Héctor Valer as premier

February 4, 2022

Pedro Castilla will offer a message to the nation. Photo: Andean

The mandatary peter castle will offer a message to the nation in the midst of the controversy over the appointment of Hector Valer as head of the Council of Ministers. This was reported through the Twitter account of the Presidency, although the time was not specified.

The head of state, who was in Brazil to make bilateral agreements with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, arrived on Thursday in national territory. It is unknown what the message will be, but everything would correspond to the criticism raised by the election of Valer as premier, who has complaints of assault on his wife and daughter.

The also congressman from Peru Democrático went to the Congress of the Republic on Friday morning to request the legislative power that the ministerial cabinet be able to attend the plenary session this Saturday, February 5, to explain the government policies that they will carry out and request the vote of trust.

Valer asked, through a letter to the President of the Congress of the Republic, María del Carmen Alva, to organize the plenary session on Saturday and that she set the time for the Council of Ministers to appear before the national representation, but the same head of the Parliament rejected that the question of confidence was carried out.

“We will already meet with the board of spokespersons, we will see the agenda and soon we will give you the date, which will be very soon, that we will agree on”, He said.

But nevertheless, Hector Valer, at the exit of the hemicycle, took advantage of the presence of the press to offer a message: “According to article 130 of the Political Constitution of the State and according to article 82 of the Congress regulations, we have come to ask the president that tomorrow, February 5, at the time that she and the honorable Congress of the Republic decide, we specify the time because we want to expose and debate the general policy of the Government and the main measures to be adopted during the management of this Council of Ministers, to which effect we await the response of the president.


last thursday Hector Valer He said that if Congress did not grant the vote of confidence to his Cabinet, they would comply with what corresponds and he would resign, generating the use of the “first silver bullet” so that the President Pedro Castillo dissolves Parliament.

“If they do not give us the vote of confidence, we will comply with what the Congress of the Republic says. We will leave, the Cabinet will be restructured and it will have lost, which is of course what other congressmen are looking for, the first silver bullet in Congress so that later the President of the Republic will use the golden bullet, which is the dissolution of Congress because it can file a new motion of confidence”, advertisement.

At the same time, he reiterated that he did not commit any act of family violence against his wife and daughter, who reported him for family violence at the San Borja police station in 2016.

The benches of Popular Force, Popular Renewal, Avanza Country, Purple Party, Free Peru and Together for Peru announced that they will not give their vote to Héctor Valer’s cabinet.


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