Riquelme spoke about Wanchope Ábila’s explosive statements: “He will have to continue fulfilling his obligations”

February 4, 2022

Riquelme’s response to Wanchope Ábila’s statements

This Friday morning, while the team at Sebastián Battaglia was playing a friendly match against Gimnasia at the Ezeiza venue, the Boca world suffered a new shake. Ramon Abila, who returned to the club in early January after a stint in United States soccer, published an explosive message on their social networks against the Football Council for not being taken into account by the coach. “I don’t owe them anything and I’m not afraid of them”, he quoted in one of his strongest statements.

A few hours later, the one who appeared on the scene was Juan Román Riquelme. The historic number 10 of Xeneize and who today is the first vice president of the institution and the main face of football, referred to what happened with Wanchope and his post. “They tell me everything. I don’t have social networks. They taught me that I cannot give an opinion on things that I do not… I prefer to give an opinion when I speak personally”, was the first thing the leader said today in dialogue with ESPN.

“Ramon’s theme. Last year I had the chance to go to Uruguay. He came and told us he had an offer from Minnesota and we agreed. After four months, the team didn’t want him anymore and called me asking for a hand to send a letter to MLS so he can go to another club. He was working 24 hours for that”, continued in his explanation of the striker’s time in the United States.

What is the current situation of Ábila in Boca? “Now he has returned to our club. He has a contract until December 31 and now he has just had an injury. Get well, train to the fullest, we comply with all the players on our squad. Let’s hope it heals well.”Riquelme reflects.

He added: “I take things slowly. I don’t have networks, I don’t manage with that. He has a contract with our club until December 31. Surely he must not be happy with how things turned out for him in the United States. He just got hurt and the kinesiologists will do everything to get him back. What happens on the networks, I can not comment. With him we fulfilled everything we had to fulfill. He is training with our squad. And you will have to continue fulfilling your obligations”.

The complete publication of Wanchope Ábila against the Boca Football Council

This morning, Ábila explained his situation since his return to Xeneize: “Since January 3, when I started training, I am waiting for someone to inform me of my situation, since no one from the Football Council communicated with me or with my representative, I am still here generating an unnecessary expense and all the things they say behind the scenes”, were some of the words used by the 32-year-old striker.

Just before the message that the former Huracán published on the networks, the club had officially mentioned his recent injury: “Grade one lesion of the anterior rectus”, prayed the text signed by the medical department of the institution. In the final words of his text, the attacker was defiant against the xeneize directive: “You have until Wednesday to solve my issue. Anything I’m in the locker room “.

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