Schedule of the Beijing Winter Olympics by sports

February 4, 2022

Fourteen Spanish athletes participate in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, which will award medals in 15 sports disciplines between February 4 and 20.


Saturday 5: Mixed relay final

Monday 7: Final women’s 15 kilometers

Tuesday 8: Final men’s 20 kilometers

Friday 11: Final women’s 7.5 kilometers

Saturday 12: Men’s 10 kilometer final

Sunday 13: Men’s and Women’s Pursuit Final

Tuesday 15: Men’s relay final

Wednesday 16: Women’s relay final

Friday 18: Final men’s mass start

Saturday 19: Final female mass start


Monday 14: Women’s monobobsleigh final

Tuesday 15: Men’s final two

Saturday 19: Women’s final two

Sunday 20: Men’s final four

Nordic combined

Wednesday 9: Springboard Final 10 kilometers

Tuesday 15: Final Trampoline 10 kilometers

Thursday 17: Team Final


Tuesday 8: Mixed Doubles Final

Saturday 19: Men’s Final

Sunday 20: Women’s Final

Acrobatic ski

Saturday 5: Men’s Moguls Final

Sunday 6: Women’s Moguls Final

Tuesday 8: Women’s Big Air Final

Wednesday 9: Men’s Big Air Final

Thursday 10: Mixed Aerials Final

Monday 14: Women’s Slope Finals and Women’s Aerials

Tuesday 15: Men’s Slope Final

Wednesday 16: Men’s Aerials Final

Thursday 17: Women’s Cross Final

Friday 18: Men’s Cross Final and Women’s Halfpipe

Saturday 19: Men’s Final Halfpipe

Alpine ski

Sunday 6: Men’s Downhill Final

Monday 7: Women’s Giant Final

Tuesday 8: Men’s Super G Final

Wednesday 9: Women’s Slalom Final

Thursday 10: Men’s Combined Final

Friday 11: Women’s Super G Final

Sunday 13: Men’s Giant Final

Tuesday 15: Women’s Downhill Final

Wednesday 16: Men’s Slalom Final

Thursday 17: Women’s Combined Final

Saturday 19: Mixed team final

Cross country ski

Saturday 5: Women’s Skiathlon Final

Sunday 6: Men’s Skiathlon Final

Tuesday 8: Men’s and Women’s Free Sprint Final

Thursday 10: Final women’s 10 km classic style

Friday 11: Men’s 15km Classic Style Final

Saturday 12: Women’s relay final

Sunday 13: Men’s relay final

Wednesday 16: Men’s and Women’s Team Sprint Final

Saturday 19: Men’s 50 km freestyle final

Sunday 20: Women’s 30 km freestyle final

Ice Hockey

Thursday 17: Women’s Final

Sunday 20: Men’s Final


Sunday 6: Men’s Singles Final

Tuesday 8: Women’s Singles Final

Wednesday 9: Doubles Final

Thursday 10: Team relay final

Figure skating

Monday 7: Team Final

Thursday 10: Men’s Singles Final

Monday 14: Dance Final

Thursday 17: Women’s Singles Final

Saturday 19: Couples Final

Speed ​​skating

Saturday 5: Women’s 3,000 meters final

Sunday 6: Men’s 5,000m Final

Monday 7: Women’s 1,500 meters final

Tuesday 8: Final men’s 1,500 meters

Thursday 10: Women’s 5,000m Final

Friday 11: Men’s 10,000 meters final

Saturday 12: Men’s 500 meters final

Sunday 13: Women’s 500 meters final

Tuesday 15: Men’s and Women’s Team Pursuit Finals

Thursday 17: Final 1,000 meters women

Friday 18: Men’s 1,000 meters final

Saturday 19: Men’s and Women’s Mass Start Finals

Short Track Speed ​​Skating

Saturday 5: Mixed Relay Final

Monday 7: Women’s 500m and Men’s 1,000m Final

Wednesday 9: Men’s 1,500 meters final

Friday 11: Women’s 1,000 meters final

Sunday 13: Final of the Women’s Relay and the Men’s 500 meters

Wednesday 16: Final of the women’s 1,500 meters and the men’s Relay

Ski jumps

Saturday 5: Women’s Normal Trampoline Final

Sunday 6: Men’s Normal Springboard Final

Monday 7: Final for mixed teams

Saturday 12: Men’s Long Springboard Final

Monday 14: Men’s Team Final


Friday 11: Men’s Final

Saturday 12: Women’s Final


Domingo 6: Final Slopestyle femenina

Monday 7: Men’s Slopestyle Final

Tuesday 8: Men’s and Women’s Giant Slalom Finals

Wednesday 9: Women’s Cross Final

Thursday 10: Men’s Cross and Women’s Halfpipe Finals

Friday 11: Men’s Halfpipe Final

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