The details of the investigation of “La Hiena” Barrios, arrested for gender-based violence

February 4, 2022

This Was The Arrest Of Rodrigo La Hiena Barrios In The Municipality Of Tigre

Rodrigo “The Hyena” Barrios, the former WBO super featherweight world champion who was convicted of running over and killing a pregnant woman in Mar del Plata eleven years ago, declared this afternoon after having carried out a new conflict with the law this morning, when the Buenos Aires Police arrested him for gender violence.

The victim was his new partner, a 33-year-old woman. When the patrolmen arrived at Barrios’ house on Galileo Galilei street, she assured that the former champion had threatened to kill her with a firearm. The woman’s son was there.

In his investigation, sources from the file confirm to Infobae, Barrios declared and denied the facts and also claimed not to have weapons.

The woman made a spontaneous statement before the members of the Buenos Aires Police. He stated that he met Barios through the Badoo social network a short time ago and that they had gone to spend the day at Barrios’ house with his son. Being in the house, there is an argument over the marijuana plants. There, the woman sees a gun. They argue. Barrios, according to the story, takes the gun and says: “I’m not going to be imprisoned again because of you.”

In addition, in Barrios’ house they found two large marijuana plants

In its statement, “La Hiena” said that the woman has a “media interest.” He said that during the meeting, he refused to do a live with her on social networks and who also refused to have sex. Barrios argued that then the woman started the conflict and shout while asking the son to call the police, because he “had a gun.” He pointed out that the victim wants the press and that he only had a cell phone in his hand.

When transferred to the prosecutor’s office, the woman showed her injuries and said that the doctors had not checked her well. Therefore, these injuries were well verified and Barrios was added to the accusation for the crime of minor injuries aggravated by the bond and for mediating gender violence, as sources from the file specified in the afternoon to Infobae.