Video: With a marriage proposal and an alleged pregnancy, Jenn Muriel surprised Yeferson Cossio

February 4, 2022

Taken from Instagram @yefersoncossio

Jefferson Cossio and Jenn Muriel are these days on vacation in the beautiful city of Paris, France. There, the influencer of Antioquian origin surprised his girlfriend by staying at a luxurious hotel near the city center. This is how he showed it on his social networks, where Muriel was very excited by the surprise, however, the surprises did not stop during the trip.

During the tour around the Eiffel Tower, Muriel decided to play a heavy joke on the influencer, because one of the greatest fears that the paisa may have is reaching the altar and having children, something that his girlfriend is very clear about.

While Cossio sent a text from his cell phone, his girlfriend, who was very nervous, decided to kneel next to the man from Antioquia, and in her hand she held an engagement ring for the influencer. Surprised, he told her “Oh no! Juepu… love, get up from there”, to which Jenn asks: “You don’t want to marry me?”.

Nervous, the content generator responded with a fearful “Yes, obviously yes, but stop from there, there are a lot of people here, please”, while trying by all means to convince his girlfriend to get up, looking everywhere and with his nerves on edge.

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Between nervous laughter from the two Colombian celebrities, Jenn hands the ring on her boyfriend’s right hand and he replies: “Come on, I’ll put it on quickly”, and again the influencer responds to the man from Antioquia: “But, yes or no?”.

The surprises would not end there for Cossio, because his girlfriend told him that she has other news for him and although he still cannot believe it, she tells him: “This is serious and I’m also pregnant”.

Surprised, with a broken voice, Cossio, who still cannot believe the situation, is left with a slight smile on his face and asks “How so? When were you going to tell me, what?”.

As part of Jenn Muriel’s strategy to make everything look very real, she told her boyfriend that he was the only one who did not know the information about her pregnancy and that everything was planned so that he would find out the good news on the trip.

Surprised, without being able to utter a word, Cossio said he was very happy, but she does not believe him because of the expressions on his face and in the middle of the laughter, the man from Antioquia emphasizes that he cannot believe it but that his happiness is real, but his girlfriend quickly brings him down from the clouds and asks him to give her the ring back because it was a joke.

Here is the full video of the prank on Yeferson Cossio:

On his trip to Europe he asked her to marry him and told her she was pregnant

The clip shared on Yeferson Cossio’s official account has already been seen more than a million times by his followers and exceeds 292,000 ‘likes’. Likewise, there have been more than 7,000 users who have left their comments on the influencer’s reaction, including that of his own girlfriend who wrote to him: “His happiness when he sees that it is not real”.

To which he replied: “The wedding? Unexpected, but good good… maybe nine years together, a ring and signed paper doesn’t make a difference. But a son? The world had come upon me”.

“She hinted at him asking him to propose to her”, “Jenn is my pretty, but poor Jenn”, “The best marriage proposal, in the style they know”, “Yef, it shows that Jenn does want to get married, even if she says no”, “I was sorry for Jenn’s face at the end, but it was funny”, among others.


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