Gerardo Morales thinks about 2023 and gets into the internship of Together for Change in Entre Ríos

February 5, 2022

Pedro Galimberti and Pedro Galimberti

While the national government tries to straighten the ship after the internal shock that caused the resignation of Máximo Kirchner and in the PRO Mauricio Macri, Patricia Bullrich and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta go for a new round of the chair game, Gerardo Morales begins a march that he hopes will deposit him in Rivadavia’s chair next year.

The framework will be the camp carried out by the Radical Youth of Entre Ríos this Saturday the 5th in Villa Urquiza, a seaside resort a few kilometers from Paraná. The cadre training experience began a decade ago. To commemorate the round figure There will be a strong party activity that will have Morales, president of the National Committee, at the center of the scene.

The event will also serve to accompany the momentum that the centenary party has gained in Entre Ríos after the 2021 elections. The emergent of this process was the former mayor of Chajarí, Pedro Galimberti.

Next to Morales will be the governor of Corrientes Gustavo Valdes; the national deputies Mario Negri (Cordovan by adoption, but entrerriano by birth); Fabio Quetglas and Facundo Manes; the president of the block in the Senate, the Formosan Louis Naidenoff and the senator from Santa Fe Carolina Losada.

The great absentee will be Martin Lousteau, vice of the National Committee. Confronted at the time with Morales for the presidency of the party, he encounters some resistance from a sector of the radicalism of Entre Ríos after his explicit support for Rogelio Frigerio during last year’s internship.

In turn, Julieta Carraza told Infobae that the absence of Rogelio Frigerio responds to the fact that the meeting “It is a call for radical youth and the visit of other actors from different political forces is not planned.”

Galimberti with Carraza, president of the Radical Youth
Galimberti with Carraza, president of the Radical Youth

The assistance of the bulk of the provincial radical structure is also guaranteed. In the front row there is a place reserved for the 18 radical mayors, the president of the Provincial Committee Jorge Monge, the national deputy Gabriela Lena, the provincial legislators Rubén Dall Molín; Eduardo Migueles; Gustavo Cusinato; Julian Maneiro; Sarah Flyer; Uriel Brupacher and also Gracia Jaroslavsky, daughter of the remembered César “Chacho” Jaroslavsky, who led the block of national deputies of the UCR during the alfonsinismo and whose physical disappearance will be commemorated 20 years next Monday 7.

Legislators and mayors will have a preview alone with Morales. It will be a working breakfast that will take place in a hotel on the Paraná waterfront. Then the national leadership will move to Villa Urquiza where there will be a press conference at noon and exhibitions before the militancy in the early afternoon.

Carraza stated that more than 300 young people will participate in the camp. “It is a historical fact for the radicalism of Entre Ríos. It is a process that we have been going through: understanding and revalidating political renewal and the need for the entire political arc to promote new leaderships”, pointed out the youth leader when explaining the call.

In addition, he pointed out: “The arrival at the National Committee of both Gerardo Morales and Valeria Pavón (head of the national youth) has been configuring a resurgence of the UCR as a national party.”