Getafe crushes Levante in its climb

February 5, 2022

A brace from the Turkish striker Enes Unal and a bit of Carles Aleñá iThey propelled Getafe to the quiet side of the table, which beat Levante 3-0, immersed in a worrying crisis of results after taking another step towards a practically announced funeral bound for the Second Division.

Levante arrived in a comatose state at the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez and He left the Getafe stadium with one more nail in his coffin. He has less and less margin to save himself and could end the day eleven points from permanence if Mallorca wins his match against Cádiz. Again, as in many phases of the season, he was timorous in defense and paid dearly for it.

Facing a team that has gone like a rocket since Quique Sánchez Flores came to the bench, you can’t fall behind. And it is that, Getafe has two virtues: it has become a rock in defense and in front it does not forgive with Enes Ünal at the head of almost all operations.

On this occasion, It didn’t take 43 seconds to open the scoring and bring out the colors of the defensive system of the Granota team, which was indolent in a corner kick taken by the Uruguayan Mauro Arambarri who Enes Ünal headed into the net. The minute of the game had not been reached, and Levante already had a slab on them in the form of a goal.

And that Quique opted for players who theoretically should be very tired, because three of his key pieces in his scheme, the Uruguayans Arambarri, Damián Suárez and Mathías Olivera had barely rested just over 24 hours after accumulating minutes on his legs with his team and fifteen-hour round-trip flights.

Incredible the case of Olivera, who showed an impressive physical display after playing every possible minute with Uruguay in his two games. The Uruguayan left-back is tireless and with his tenacity he caused Getafe’s second goal. He insisted on harassing Pepelu, whose wallet he managed to steal, to attend Enes Ünal, who with a great movement got rid of Sergio Postigo and took an unstoppable whiplash from outside the area.

Once again, Levante’s defensive innocence was a tremendous burden for Alessio Lisci’s men, who tried to reinforce their defense with three central defenders. It was unsuccessful and only one player, Jorge de Frutos, tried to pull his team’s cart. His was Levante’s best chance. At the edge of the break, he finished off a service from the Macedonian Enis Bardhi from the left wing.

After the break, Uruguayan Martín Cáceres appeared on the pitch, Lisci took Óscar Duarte off the field to try to put an end to the defensive bleeding and made Uruguayan Martín Cáceres debut. It was unsuccessful. Getafe followed suit, like a gale, and soon began to accumulate chances.

First, Aleñá was able to increase Getafe’s income with a header that was easily saved by Aitor Fernández. And, later, Olivera, after a spectacular ride down the left wing, crashed into the post with a left-footed shot that seemed unappealable.

Then, Olivera, one of the agitators of the duel, left the field with half an hour to go with a sore ankle. That was the end of the blue storm and Quique, who had already brought Borja Mayoral onto the pitch, gave minutes to men like Óscar Rodríguez, Jakub Jankto and Juan Iglesias.

Among all, Getafe’s revolutions increased, which increased its lead at the end, with a goal from Carles Aleñá on the counterattack that finished sinking a team that is already beginning to prepare a funeral that seems inevitable. Levante, nothing between the mud and the azulón team pokes its head towards the quiet area of ​​​​the table. In the absence of playing the rest of the day, it is seven points away from relegation.


3 – Getafe: Soria (Count, d. 85); Damián (Juan Iglesias, m. 85), Djené, Mitrovic, Cuenca, Olivera (Óscar Rodríguez, m. 60); Aleñá, Arambarri, Maksimovic; Enes Ünal (Jankto, d. 69) and Sandro (Borja Mayoral, d. 46).

0 – Levante: Aitor; Pubill (Son, m. 56), Duarte (Cáceres, m. 46), Vezo, Postigo, Clerc; De Frutos, Pepelu (Melero, m. 56), Radoja (Malsa, m. 81), Bardhi (Dani Gómez, m. 67); and Roger.

Goals: 1-0, art.1: Enes Unal; 2-0, art.29: Enes Unal; 3-0, m.95: Aleña.

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Referee: Alejandro Muñiz Ruiz (Galician Committee). He showed yellow card to Duarte (m. 17) and Roger (m. 58) by Levante and Arambarri (m. 56) and Mitrovic (m. 66) by Getafe.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the twenty-third day of LaLiga Santander played at the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez before 8,475 spectators.