“I feared for my life,” said the woman who denounced “La Hiena” Barrios for gender violence

February 5, 2022

“At all times I feared for my life,” said the woman attacked by “La Hiena” Barrios

“What are you waiting for, for him to kill someone else again?” raised Soledad, the woman who reported having been assaulted by Rodrigo “The Hyena” Barrios. Is that the former WBO super featherweight world champion who was convicted of running over and killing a pregnant woman in Mar del Plata eleven years ago, added a new conflict with the law to his record this Friday: this time, the Buenos Aires Police arrested him for gender violence. The story of the woman.

Early in the day, the Tigre Gender Violence UFI by the prosecutor Pablo Menteguiaga ordered an emergency search of the house, where large marijuana plants were found. The weapon, however, was not found. The former boxer is accused of the crime of threats aggravated by the use of a weapon, in a flagrancy process.

When transferred to the prosecutor’s office, the woman showed her injuries and said that the doctors had not checked her well. Therefore, these injuries were well verified and Barrios was charged with the crime of minor injuries aggravated by the bond and for mediating gender-based violence, as sources from the file specified in the afternoon to Infobae.

“He only imagined that one could report him for the marijuana plants he had. He said his freedom was priceless and he got mad. I ended up providing a video to the prosecution, when he takes a statement from me ”, commented Soledad tonight when remembering what happened.

The woman continued: “Then he says: ‘I already discard those plants.’ He goes outside and hugs one of the plants and tries to uproot it, but can’t get it out. made a fuss and screamed like crazylike angry. That’s when I’m filming it with the cell phone”.

“He tried to uproot the plant and broke it. There it detonated when he saw that he was recording it. He covered his face with his shirt and mumbled things under his breath. That was the trigger”, specified the woman in dialogue with the channel TN.

Video: this was the arrest of “La Hiena” Barrios for gender violence

“Did you fear for your life when he pulled a gun on you?”asked the journalist. “At all times I feared for my life. There were very big threats. Of contempt, of a lot of things. psychological abuse. That if I denounced him, he would not last four days on the street,” Soledad said.

In this sense, he stated: “The judges and prosecutors who treated me today told me that he already has a record of gender-based violence. So, if he already has a record, what did they do with the previous womenWhy wasn’t he arrested? Why was he not charged?

What are you waiting for, for him to kill someone else again? They give him privileges because he is “La Hiena Barrios”. Their situation is getting worse and more and more women are having to go through the same thing. Enough, because he is a person who will end up killing. It could have been the case last night. I don’t know,” he added.

In his investigation, sources from the file confirm to Infobae, Barrios declared and denied the facts and also claimed not to have weapons.

In its statement, “La Hiena” said that the woman has a “media interest.” He said that during the meeting, he refused to do a live with her on social networks and who also refused to have sex. Barrios argued that then the woman started the conflict and shout while asking the son to call the police, because he “had a gun.” He pointed out that the victim wants the press and that he only had a cell phone in his hand.

who called 911 is a matter of discussion, with a file in its first hours. In the summary, it is stated that there was an alert from a passerby who passed by and heard the woman scream. “You are going to kill me, you are going to kill me”, was the phrase. When the Buenos Aires woman arrived, the 13-year-old son stated that he was the one who made the call, seeing that his mother’s life was in danger.

The woman assured that in the middle of the discussion, Barrios called his son and said: “I came to look for the plants”. It is unknown if, in fact, the son arrived at the scene to take the firearm, instead of the marijuana.

On January 24, 2010, Barrios crashed his truck into a Renault that was parked in Mar del Plata. This second vehicle ran over and caused the death of Yamila González, 20 years old and six months pregnant. Barrios fled the scene of the crime at full speed and in the opposite direction, fleeing and turning himself in a few hours later to the Buenos Aires Police.

Although no traces of alcohol or cocaine were found in blood tests, in April 2012 he was sentenced to four years in prison for manslaughter.

Since he was released in 2017, little was known about the boxer. In 2018 he returned to activity by winning an official fight and in 2019 he entered the ring twice more, two other victories. On January 1, 2020, he was the victim of an attack in Córdoba, when a man stabbed him at dawn on New Year’s in a cabin complex in Capilla del Monte.


The details of the investigation of “La Hiena” Barrios, arrested for gender-based violence
Video: this was the arrest of “La Hiena” Barrios for gender violence