Operation Zacatecas II has generated an escalation of violence: David Monreal for drug war in the state

February 5, 2022

Given the discovery of 16 corpses to the center of Zacatecas, the governor David Monreal He assured that the plan implemented with the federation and military reinforcements has generated results, but it has also resulted in an escalation of violence.

“Together with the federal executive, we designed Plan Zacatecas II, which has resulted in a decrease in crime, but also, has led to an escalation in violence due to confrontation between organized crime groups”, attributed the brunette.

Well, another bloody morning was experienced in the entity by the 10 bodies scattered in the streets of Fresnillo and, minutes later, six bodies were found hanging on the railing of a warehouse in Pamphilus Natera.

The call Operation Zacatecas II It entered into force on November 25 with the reinforcement of more than 3,800 agents, the use of helicopter gunships and the installation of an intelligence group. But the murders have even reached outside the offices of David Monreal.


We knew what we were facing, we received the state in the worst climate of insecurity in history and I committed myself to the men and women of Zacatecas to recover peace and tranquility

After the events in two town halls near the capital, the governor added that combating organized crime is a complex and difficult objective, but the authorities will not yield and will act firmly. He shared with the residents that the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and the security cabinet Federal was aware of what happened.

“Presumably it is about members of criminal groups facing, however, we are going to wait for the investigations to conclude and give certainty”, advance on the drug war that the state maintains in the Jalisco New Generation Cartel cagainst him Sinaloa Cartel.

David Monreal explained that It is the most serious scourge in the history of Zacatecas, but without specifying any date, he promised that they will solve it together with federal forces. For now, he gave precise instructions to the State Peacebuilding Board to clarify the murders of this February 5.

Foto: REUTERS/Arturo Cardena
Foto: REUTERS/Arturo Cardena

We are facing the public insecurity that we inherited with intelligence, with firmness, with the desire that social peace and tranquility finally return to our state.

Zacatecas became one more stage of the dispute between the Sinaloa Cartel against him Jalisco New Generation Cartel in the country since mid-2020, but that fight could already be seen coming a year earlier, because the entity is fundamental in transfer routes for the drug trafficking.

The state is crossed by two important roads, including a section of the Pan-American Highway, which connects Central America with the border with the United States, and the Federal Highway 54, nexus of Colima, home to Manzanillo, Mexico’s busiest port, and the US border with Coahuila, Tamaulipas Y New Lion.

Federal reports recorded monthly increases in murders that went from eighty or ninety to a hundred or 120 every 30 days in 2021. Within 11 months there were already thousand 50 intentional homicides, according to the Security Secretariat, but the Army counted thousand 277 cases until last November 24 and estimated 1,447 victims throughout the year.

With the Operation Zacatecas II It was proposed to divide the state into three parts: in the industrial and commercial part, in the center, would concentrate the majority of military personnel with 1,940 agents; while in the south there would be 1,104 and in the north just 804. But these efforts have not contributed effectively to the reduction of violence.

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